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  1. I'm going to try to offer a solution, now I don't know,but rock crab but when you think about it, is it camera friendly, does it look good on camera. Chances are if it does not it would be swapped out for something that is. I don't think that Food Network could have made a mistake like, doesn't seem feasible.
  2. I love cooking, so i really don't care whose doing it as long as its being done. I've actually lost remote control privileges at friends houses because all I'll put on is food network. Anyways. I like all chefs, unless they personally pissed me off, which none have, so yea. And for all those who claim that come celebrity chefs don't cook, only entertain, be that as it may, almost all are restaurant owners and accomplished chefs, so obviously they have talent even if it doesn't come out in the show.
  3. Just finished Soul of a Chef, reading Reach of a Chef, and attempting to find a copy of Making of a Chef.
  4. Other than the three written by Michael Ruhlman, which I have read and loved, what other books are out there that are about cooking, but not cookbooks?
  5. Not to steal this thread from you piperdown but, I'm a junior in high school looking to go to culinary school, and would like the input of this community. I spent the last summer working in the kitchen of a catering company and will do again this summer and all through my senior year in high school. What else would you guys suggest I do to prepare myself/help me choose a school. I've been cooking for almost two years now and I love it. I'm 100% sure this is what I want to do with my life and would greatly appreciate your ideas. -Thanks.
  6. I'm 16. Whenever me and my friends go out for food we always make sure we tip. It is never an exact percentage of the bill, each of us throws in $3-4 and that usually cover us(most of the time its 7-8 of us going to a diner or ihop). We make it a point to tip regardless of the service because they tried to get us our food promptly and we got the food at some point to that was accomplished. I don't see how you cant tip, it just doesn't make sense to me.
  7. Not check the insides of a ziplock bag to make sure its flour. Powdered sugar pancakes taste like shit.
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