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  1. cubgirl


    Yes, I will be around for a while I am sure. Thanks for your help. Bev
  2. cubgirl


    if you google for "masoor dal" (=red lentils) and recipes you'' get tons... here's one: http://www.indianfoodforever.com/daal/masoor-dal.html does that sound anything like what your friend made? you can vary the texture by how much water you add... milagai ← Fantastic, you have been most helpful. Cheers Bev
  3. cubgirl


    What kind of dal? Dal is just a generic word for split lentils/legumes... What did you have in mind? Milagai ← I have had it made for me by a Malaysian lady using red lentils, lots of lovely flavours, thick soup texture. I am willing to give anything a go.
  4. I am new around here but would like a good recipe for Dahl, if someone could help me please. Thanks
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