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  1. This just reminded me that I saw some red currant puree in the freezer at work tonight. Looks like I've got a new recipe to try!
  2. I've posted my entry over at my site: http://www.jeffreymorgenthaler.com/2007/mi...monday-tequila/ It's a silver tequila collins with grapefruit bitters. It's been very popular at my bar for the past couple of weeks already. Cheers!
  3. When I posted that advice for the high school senior on my website, I was hoping to avoid the whole "But cooks can't deal with the damn customers!" argument that I knew would surely ensue. My whole point in recommending culinary school to a young person considering bartending as a career was this: there are enough bad drinks being made in the world today, why not start this young lady off on a different track, a track oriented toward food, flavors and pairings rather than vodka, juggling and energy drinks?
  4. That sounds really fantastic, Alchemist, I can't wait to read about the experience. How long before our nation's cooking schools start requiring mixology coursework and treating it as a subset of cooking, like pastries or charcuterie? To get a job as a line cook in a high-end restaurant, you need to know how to make some very simple classic items. No chef wants to have to teach you how to make beurre blanc. But to get a job bartending in the same establishment these days, you just have to know that Q stands for quinine water and T stands for Tom Collins.
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