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  1. Closer to the first in colour. It seems to follow along where the meat stops and what was two bands of fat turn into one. I fried up a slice and it tasted fine though. If I had a digicam I'd take a pic...
  2. So after~1.5 months of sitting in the fridge, I took my pancetta out with the intention of making some carbonara with it. Taking off a few slices, there seems to be a grayish/almost green band in the fat... Did I mess it up? It doesn't smell off...
  3. I ordered some online from Butcher-Packer. Although, yeah I felt silly paying ~$10 S&H for something that was what? less than $5 I think? The package has lasted me long enough that I don't mind.
  4. Wow. I just popped my laab cherry the other day. I went for the (cheaper) pork option and it was fantastic. HOWEVER, I tried toasting the rice in my old wok, adding a little water at a time as suggested here, but it went horribly; I guess I added too much water at once and so it burnt and stuck. I tried it again in a stainless skillet w/out water and it turned out perfectly. Oh and lime leaves added a wonderful fragrance to the rice powder!
  5. When it comes to schwarma, I never really found any of the places in the market to be any good. However, Schwarma King on Bank St. and James St. has in my opinion the best chicken schwarma in the city. But if you want a real treat, Mango's further down Bank roughly across from the Value Village makes a good schwarma, but more importantly also makes Lebanese cocktails from fresh ingredients right in front of you. If you have the means, I highly recommend.
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