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  1. http://www.zappos.com/cuisinart-multiclad-pro-triple-ply-6-qt-stockpot-brushed-stainless?channel=126&mr:referralID=NA&mr:trackingCode=5FAF1323-FBE4-DF11-8F9A-001B2163195C I've got a couple of these Cuisinart Multi-clad pans. They are just like the Allclads...stainless sandwiched around an aluminum core. Nice cooking and you're not paying the name brand premium.
  2. Goo Gone usually leaves an oily residue that needs soap and water to remove. Otherwise it doesn't hurt the surface it's working on. Soak a piece of cotton or a corner of paper towel and scrub with that on the sticky. Leaving the soaked cotton on the sticky for a minute or two also makes the job easier.
  3. No, that's not something I had thought of. I guess I could. Just thought of an Asian market. They cook with duck fat quite often. I'll call around.
  4. The title says it. I'm looking for duck fat and I live near Milford. Anyone know a source? Thanks, Linda
  5. I load the flatware alternating up and down to prevent the spoons/forks from spooning and preventing the spray from reaching each piece. The plates are loaded with the smaller ones to the inside so the spray can reach the larger ones. Any yes boys, an efficiently loaded dishwasher is a sight to behold. Being able to stuff everything in there and still get it all clean wins the prize....not having to run the dishwasher again today!
  6. You can find it in the grocery store, spice aisle.... Kitchen Bouquet. Although it claims "Kitchen Bouquet is a unique blend of vegetables, herbs and spices, that adds flavor and rich color to soups, stews, sauces and gravies", I find the flavor it adds is mostly psychological from seeing browner gravy.
  7. Not necessarily "poultry shears", but I'm extremely pleased with my Messermeister Take Apart Kitchen Shears. They'll cut through poultry backbones without trouble and only run about $25.
  8. It sounds like you're saying she used the oil to melt the ice. Or are you saying the oil was put on the bare walls before it got icy? That makes more sense for quick release.
  9. Linda Rose


    I second OXO tongs. The locking mechanism is really easy to open on the fly, and it won't lock itself on you when you're not looking.
  10. Milford is the place to go. Besides Five Lakes on Main st, there's Baker's on S. Milford Rd and Hector & Jimmy's on N. Milford rd. I've been to both Baker's and H&J's. They both have good food and families are welcome. It's about a 15 minute drive.
  11. I use a clean and dry plastic milk jug with a screw top. Have to use a funnel to get it in, but it's easy to dispense and keeps bugs and moisture out.
  12. Just try it. If it arcs (sparking), assume it is bad and turn it off. It it doesn't arc, then it's good to go.
  13. We have a smoke detector with a "mute" function. Push a button and it shuts up, except for a once a minute chirp, for 15 minutes. There's one here that has a remote to do this. Great for kitchens and outside steamy bathrooms.
  14. I ordered some last year for Christmas. It was fun, but best used in a house with a dog <burp>, or outside. Here are some you don't have to make Mini Marshmallow shooter or a Big Marshmallow Blaster. Accessories include laser sight and quick change magazines I guess my answer to your question is YES!
  15. Cook's Illustrated recommends Forschner Fibrox knives. 10" Chef's Knife is $27.74 at Amazon. I haven't tried them yet, but they're on my Wish List. Linda
  16. Not really sure, but isn't it with honey? ← Possibly. I think I'll have to experiment on a recipe. Honey sounds good.
  17. My favorite after dinner liqueur--Grandtully has been removed from Michigan's minimum price list, which means that the stores can't get it any more. This liqueur tastes like Scotch, vanilla and sugar mixed together. Has anyone out there tasted this? and any ideas on how to make my own?
  18. Well that's interesting - I first tried a Postal USA place, and they said it was "illegal". Then I got on UPS and it said they ship only beer and wine, and from "approved shippers". I could probably do Fedex, but it's about $30, for a bottle of homemade hooch, that's crazy. I thought the PO considered alcohol "flammable", and therefore not shipable, in fact there are signs inside the PO with pictures of what not to ship. Now this: PO Guidelines says it's not prohobited. What does this mean, 'N' means it's not allowed, or no restrictions? Now this says 'not mailable' Domestic Mail Manual I like your answer better, but it seems like it depends on who you talk to. ← I'm a USPS Window clerk. We have been told that it's against federal law to mail drinking alcohol. The flamability issue comes into play with other alcohols which can only be sent ground (parcel post)...no Priority and airplanes. But then, it's illegal for the Postal Service to open any mail (without a warrant) that isnn't sent Media Mail Depending on the state you're shipping from and to, you may be able to ship, not mail (UPS, Fedex) drinking alcohol. It's controlled by state laws, which are very convoluted and vary by state.
  19. All the nutritional information you'd want to know about it is here: Foie Gras Nutritional Data Oops I take that back. It shows vitamin K's value as ~ which means missing or incomplete data.
  20. Is there a Bed, Bath, and Beyond there? If not, it might be worth a trip into New York. There's this Calphalon Tri Ply 3-Quart Covered Chef's pan they have in stock for US$39.99. I bought one and am very happy with it's performance.
  21. I picked up a set of these when they were on sale a few months ago. I am totally pleased with them. I like the handles better than AC too.
  22. Did you check out the capacity of that refrigerator? 7.1 cool, 3.4 freeze, 10.5 total . No way I'd be able to survive with that. I just upgraded my 18 cu ft to 26.1 because I was always hurting for frige space.
  23. Might have to wait for Christmas, but stop by any mall and ask Santa...he should have some. But seriously, are you looking for the animal or the meat? Using Google, I found this site http://exoticmeats.com/store/index.php?cPath=24_36 I don't know anything about them, but it looks like they ship caribou/reindeer meat (based in Texas). As to the livestock, searches for exotic livestock produced a few hits that might help..
  24. I think this will be my choice. It seems to be the easiest to me also. Next question: How thick should the dough be? Pancake batter, bread dough, or somewhere in between?
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