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  1. Thanks for that, but I was really after a shop where I could view the stuff rather than just on-line images. Lee
  2. Hello all. Does anyone know of shops in London that stock Steelite tableware? I've seen online retailers, but I'd like to see some of the stuff before buying. I've tried pages, but all their tableware is kinda either standard or kinda 80's-ish. Failing that, does anyone know London shops that stock any other smart tableware? Thanks for any info!
  3. Went here at the weekend for a fantastic lunch. Excellent Rabbit & Foie Gras terrine, and Smoked haddock carpaccio for starters. Mains of halibut, pork & lamb (3 seperate dishes!) were all superb and excellently presented. Best bit was the desserts, with peaches poached in thyme, and a licorice pannacotta with a carrot sorbet. The service was excellent, and you certainly can't argue with £24 for a 3 course lunch of this calibre. Only slight critisicm is the slightly oppresive air in the place. It's a small dining room, and the oak panelling and dark carpets make for a slightly claustrophobic atmosphere, but this is a minor issue. Will definately be going again to try out some more dishes! Lee
  4. They've been popular for quite some time with the avant garde brigade in Spain. I had one in El Celler de Can Roca two years ago, served with sea urchin and oil of black pudding. The Sat Bains one looked much better, as for some reason, the one I had was not that soft in the middle. ← So, just to take this completely off-topic, does anyone know the secret to making these 65 degree eggs at home? I've tried using a rice cooker to keep the temperature low and constant, but interestingly the yolk always cooks before the white. Anyone know how to do this without an expensive water bath?? Lee
  5. No change in the top spots for the El Bulli and the Fat Duck. Good UK showing with the usual suspects, although suprising to see the River Cafe back in the list! http://www.theworlds50best.com/2007_list.html What does everyone think? Lee
  6. The new "Sounds of the Sea" looks interesting, but almost identical to a dish I had at Akelare in San Sebastian last year. A salty sea "foam" was served with seaweed & various crustaceans. No "sand" or I-Pod though, but definately the same concept! Lee
  7. Just to add my 2p's worth; had the tasting menu here last night and was impressed. Not all of it worked for me (Sardines overpowered everything else on the plate), but when it did work (as in the egg/chicken, and the Salmon/date), it was really good. Nice to see someone else pushing at the food/taste combinations a bit more. Staff V friendly and service was spot on. The only problem with these kind of meals is that the unorthodox blending of flavours and the cerebral analysis of each dish makes for a terrible nights sleep afterwards! Lee
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