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  1. Thanks jrt. I picked up from D&J today. I'll be working up some good stuff later this week.
  2. Suggestion: drop the Noodle lunch and go to Pecos Pit BBQ for lunch. You can catch a quick cab from the train station and get a delicious, heavily loaded bbq sandwich. The menu is short, but they produce kick ass Q. Only open m - f.
  3. I dunno, Abra. Alder smoked salmon has been a staple of our Native Americans for several generations, and it's pretty darn delicious. Tillicum Village Salmon Feast
  4. Here's a more comprehensive review of woods from my favorite bbq specific site. Virtual Weber Bullet Wood Review I read somewhere that one of the primary variables for wood use is the moisture content.
  5. Greetings EG! As I type, I'm curing my butt in Morton's smoked sugar cure and my belly in Hi Mountain Seasonings Buckboard Bacon Cure. Coordinated timing suggests smoking both in a week give or take a day. Meanwhille, UPS has delivered all my sausage making components; new grizzly stuffer, cure powders 1, 2 and a big bag of dextrose courtesy of Allied Kenco. I'll use the KA grinder for now. A neighbor pruned out his orchard so I've got enough freshly cut and seasoned cherry wood to last for the next few years. I also finally sectioned and chunked the maple and alder branches I nabbed after the Seattle Hanukkah Eve Wind Storm of 2006. Long name for a storm, I know. I suggested it be named an (Rosie) O'Donnell but my suggestion was ignored. Only missing 1 item before I begin the great sausage adventure. Anyone know a retail Seattle casings source? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey Jason! Dammit, I keep trying to make this only to discover that the beer bottle is suddenly and mysteriously empty. DARN IT!
  7. Hey folks: I've read the 1st chapter of Charcuterie and will be buying my belly tomorrow for bacon. However, there is one thing I haven't seen anywhere in the book. Does anyone have a good Hot Link sausage recipe? Dad used to take me to the Home of Good BBQ in Seattle as kid. Sadly, the owner, Rev. and my dad have both passed on. The kids running the show now seem to have lost something in the translation. But I still have fond memories of bbq'd hot link and white bread sandwiches, potatoe salad and a icy cold grape soda. Oh, and topped off by a slice of sweet potatoe pie! Really good times. Anyway, I would like to take a shot at personal hot links. The store bought brands don't quite measure up. Thanks all.
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