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  1. Funny, when I read your email today...I am leaving for Barcelona tonight as well, although from EWR not JFK. Alas, I am not going to El Bulli on this trip...was fortunate enough to get in on my last trip in September. It was sooo memorable. This time, I was lucky enough to get a reservation at Tickets, Ferran's new venture in Barcelona, so we'll see how that goes. Enjoy yourself...it's truly one of the more memorable dining experiences you'll ever have!!!
  2. So, if you had to put together a dream week of food, where would you have seven great lunches and seven great dinners in New Orleans? Also, any great places for New Years Eve? THANKS
  3. So what does this tell you.......maybe the hype is OVER!!
  4. In Nice there are two new great restaurants- Flaveur and Luc Salsedo. Luc is a wonderful up and coming chef. The dining room is run by his wife who is lovely and personable. This restaurant only uses fresh local ingredients (many from their own gardens), is reasonably priced, and is a great find in Nice. Make a reservation at least a week in advance. Then you can thank me later :-)
  5. seems to be down here as well
  6. The bottom line is simply this. GO AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF! As far as the cost of the meal, to clarify what I wrote. The cost of each individual meal wouldn't add up to $10.00 pp.
  7. I totally agree. Come to NY for much better food experiences...not momofuku. IF I was flying to NO, I'm sure you'd tell me the same thing.
  8. No problem, why don't you just go, and find out for yourself.
  9. Yes, we are at KO. And there is no doubt that's where we went. Any BTW, I know which forum I'm in. That's why my rant is posted here!
  10. No thanks. For my money I would rather eat just about anywhere else.
  11. MOMOMFUKU just OK---MUCH HYPE FOR NO REASON- So we went to MOMO on Saturday night. The food was ok, but seriously folks, if you want little tidbits of food and overpriced wines, this is a place to go. Sure the foods were put together nicely. Sure the wait staff looked great. But the food was ok at best, the chefs had little or no personality, and the restaurant as a whole was a big disappointment. There was no love, there was no pride...it was just served out there to you. I love tasting menus as much as the next person and have read on this site and elsewhere about the great "value" of this
  12. If you've watched past seasons, there's never been a foreign chef as a winner. So start thinking the Italian or the Finnish chef's as your choices. The Euro boys sure can cook
  13. Personally, you sit down at a restaurant, order drinks (wine) and then food. The drinks or wine come out first, and then first course. Otherwise, it feels like a rush job by the restaurant!!
  14. sockster


    I really think there should be a total blog for panned restaurants: Listen everybody has differences of opinion about food tastes, quality of service, etc., but to ignore bugs, and not respond...that should have a blog page of it's own. The best way to let people know about places like your experience last night..is to do just what you did- WRITE ABOUT IT AND LET THE WORLD KNOW the place sucks!!
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