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  1. If you have some patience and a sunny spot, you can easily grow micro greens. Micro Veg is a bit more complicated but I just recently started growing greens in plastic tubs on my deck. I'm at the point where I am making my own mixes and really enjoying it. It only takes about 1 1/2 weeks to harvest and its infinitely cheaper than getting them shipped. If you have any questions just let me know and I'll walk you through it.
  2. Hey guys, I'm cooking a dinner the second week of June and I want to serve a sashimi course. Is there anything that's in season around that time that's exceptional? It doesn't have to be local but hopefully at its seasonal peak. TIA Diego
  3. I'm looking to buy some white plates. I have no idea where to look! Where do fine dining restaurants buy their stuff? I spent all day today running around Manhattan trying to find some nice modern looking plates but all I found were thick Japanese restaurant style plates and the few that they sell at some of the William Sonoma type stores. Any Ideas? TIA
  4. That's a shame I really hope they stay open. I just took my parents last week to show them an example of the type of food I would like to cook in the future. We loved the meal and the cocktails we're out of this world. I was hoping to stage there as well.
  5. While my pictures aren't nearly as good as Philadining's here are a few more for your viewing pleasure. The steelhead roe dish with watercress ice cream was insane.
  6. Thanks everyone I really appreciate the pointers.
  7. Having my own small restaurant within 45 minutes of a major city in rural/suburban setting. A decent plot of land next to the restaurant with a fruit orchard, veg and herb garden, and chicken coup. 5 course set menu. and just coast from season to season.
  8. Hey guys, I have a couple of stages scheduled in the up coming weeks and I was wondering a few things. When you show up for a stage, what are somethings that you should remember to do. I know that ill probably be nervous and forget a few things so I figured I would ask for some pointers. Is there anything I should bring besides my knife case? Do you go in street clothes and just bring a chef jacket? I know some of these questions are probably redundant to some of you guys but I was hoping that you could help me out. Oh..and I searched and couldn't find anything pertaining to this question Tia
  9. I think a characterization of her as a person is distraction to the good that she has done. We need to look at her ideas In a more broad sense. Sure, Having bio dynamic peaches at the point of highest sugar content is great but these ideals are can be trickled down to the home gardener without much imagination. The scrutiny to have amazing produce is not exactly pretentious. As a culture we beam about iphones and social networking when having a delicious tomato is attainable with just a few bucks and a sunny spot.
  10. If you are using it as an inverted sugar, you can use agave nectar. I keep a jug at home to use for when I make caramels
  11. Yeah I got the gist of all the situation before he threw the login up. I was just wondering If there is a sign up already or he is working on some stuff first
  12. Does anyone have a Username and Password to the site yet?
  13. It happens. What I try to do is step away from the painting. Try something new. Go to a neighborhood you aren't familiar with. Eat something new. You would be amazed at what a new experience can do for your cooking. Oh and don't stress it. It's not like you are going to pull aces out of your hat every time.
  14. Minor correction - Tojiro DP series are honwarikomi construction; they have a Swedish carbon core, stainless on the outside. Agreed that they are good value. mexigaf, I'm not sure that using a sujihiki will give you "more control" in general use than your 8" chef's knife. For one thing, sujihiki usually start at 9.5", so it's going to be longer. For another, the blade is going to be thinner and more flexy than your chef's knife; great for slicing, but not nearly as durable for general use. If you're buying it for slicing, great, but I wouldn't recommend a sujihiki as a substitute for a chef's knife. ← Sorry I actually meant more control when it comes to slicing. Lately I've been using my chefs knife to slice delicate terrines and gelees and it just has way too much surface area which of course is detrimental to a delicate piece of food. Thanks for the suggestions guys I think I'm going to splurge on the Hattori slicer.
  15. I've been looking through the Korin knife catalog for a slicing knife. I'm used to using an 8 inch chefs knife but i was looking to find something that would give me a little more control. I've noticed a few chefs using slicing knives for all sorts of work and figured I would give it a try. Any recommendations? And what exactly is the difference between a Sujihiki knife and a Slicer?
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