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  1. Hi rustem, I was reading the newspaper the other day, and there was an article by a well known home cook, ms fong, she said that you need to "process" your wok after you bring it back from the store, otherwise the stick problem will happen, and then,this problem will stick with you. Good news is, she said you can still fix it. I forgot the details though, will give you updates later. For non-stick effect, "use just water to clean it. Very important."----ms fong.
  2. hi Lisa, Tips fr. Pamela: Gelati(hazelnut)
  3. The deposit on a tank would seem a bit impractical??? ← hi tan319, I know. I just can't get it off my mind(b/c of the many diff. flavors you could creat w/ LN). But somehow intimidated by the safety issues. If, Steve could get a uni lab to agree to produce in their lab, then shift the product back to shop...what do you think?
  4. hi Steve, Liquid nitrogen maybe? Or is that not practical...
  5. Hi, Maybe you can try: 1. Coconut milk+sugar+ice cream maker(too simple I know~); 2. Freshly-made coconut milk+sugar+ice cream maker(esp. it’s freshness that you are looking for. Prepackaged coconut milk won’t taste as good) 3. What other Egulleters suggest(for a strong coconut flavor) HTH
  6. Hi Tiny and Judec, I tried again, different fruit(Yuzu), different tool(no zester this time, box-grater as I don't have a microplane with me. Very careful, avoiding any possible pith, skinniest translucent zest only). Still bitter, tho. not as intensely so as the oranges. The zest is for the juice, guess I cannot blanch them..
  7. Hi, I read that citrus zest, when mixed with the juices, gives a strong and more than one-dimensional taste. It worked perfectly with lemons(same procedure as below). So this time I used orange: 1. Zest the orange with a zester(I tried my best not to include any pith) 2. Juice the orange and add juice to the zest 3. Sieve and serve I tried two infusion times: “5 hours then serve” and “sieve and serve immediately”. Smells wonderful yet both taste quite bitter(the 5H version much more so) . Any ideas why? TIA~
  8. Hi Rob- I’m very intrigued by your “steeping flavor in fat, then add less water” suggestion. Only concern is that since the add-in flavors are in liquid-form themselves, will the mixture ever freeze up well if I intend to turn it into sorbet/ice cream? (An un-altered CM would freeze well and be all creamy without stirring at all, a mixed-then-reduced CM would freeze creamy but with ice crystals. ). I once reduced a 200ml CM to 50ml by cooking, very very mouth-coatingly rich…can’t say it’s a good or bad thing. I then added liquid to it, and whipped. The coconut fat curdles into little bits. I tasted it. Flavorless white chocolate… Hi Tri2Cook- The CM powder I found has other additives, I wonder if that would alter the tastes much… Yes, when cooked alone to concentrate(and later add to the CM), coconut water would caramelize and turned into a brownish color, doesn’t taste freshly-sweet anymore, just a matured-sweet. Hi pastrygirl- Tea, when soaked in just-boiled water, release a much stronger flavor than when soaked in cold liquid(don’t have proof though). Or maybe an overnight soak-in would help? Hi KKLL00b- Whippable coconut heavy cream? Like in a cake, or ice cream even? How did it taste and what’s the texture like(e.g. would it be mouth-coating)? Btw, I tried the filtering method and it didn’t work out. There were tiny coconut fats clinging to the filter wall, but still most of the CM soaked right through.
  9. hi Tri2Cook- For a 200ml can coconut milk, I want to add some other flavoring liquid to it, then reduce the total volume by evaporation/dripping. The end result should be as thick/dense as the original 200ml coconut milk. Else the coconut flavor might not be as intense. I always wonder why exactly canned stuff aren't as fresh-tasting as the freshly-prepared ones?
  10. hi Lior- Thanks for the link! I'll try baking it when I have access to matured coconuts. Sometimes the ones available are young coconuts, with nice coconut water, but the coconut flesh is not good enough for juicing, not very flavorful.
  11. Also, the fruit juice doesn't taste as fresh when cooked. That's part of the reason why I'm aiming for a diff. approach, such as filtering(if that's possible).
  12. hi sanrensho & gap- i'm trying to make a base that combines coconut milk and extra liquid(fruit juice/tea), and maintains/approximates the original volume and density(200ml). I've noticed that: If you freeze coconut milk and thaw it, it seperates/curdles, and turn into "water+little fat solids". So...so far it seems cooking is the only way out. Still, I'm interested to find out whether there's a no-cook method... hi Lior- Cracking open a coconut then grating it is a major challenge itself...a can of good-quality coconut milk seems to be the answer...can't compete with the freshness though.
  13. Hi! I have a 200ml-can of coconut milk. I want to mix it with other liquid(fruit juice/tea), then reduce it to the original volume(i.e. 200ml). I tried boiling it over med-low heat, it worked, but: 1.Requires lots of stirring; 2.Seems to loose some of the "freshness"(?); 3.It's quite difficult to tell when to stop cooking(I have to constantly stop and measure) and pull it off heat. I'm wondering if there's any other way to do it(e.g. a no-cook method)? Maybe "coffee filter and natural dripping"? Any ideas?
  14. Hi Naes, I did store those in airtight containers before, after several days, pieces seem to melt a bit and begin to stick to each other. I have no idea how they will look like when they've been sent through postal: will they still seem yummy or will one simply look ruin the recipient's appetite? I read somewhere that you should keep toffee in plastic containers and never in metal ones or ziploc bags else they stick. I will get the dessicant however.
  15. Kerry, I want to say thanks for a long time for all the kind suggestions you've been giving me yet got distracted...by other candy recipes that keep popping up during online research. Shame. I understand you have to be focused if you want to make good candy and one at a time really is the way to go. I don't have very good control over this sticky issue yet, I therefore sometimes use cracker crumbs/almond dust to cover/absorb the moisture. But that shouldn't be the right attitude with proper candy-making.
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