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  1. We just came back from lunch at AD. The lunch menu is good value at £50 inclusive of 2 glasses of wine and 1/2 bottle of water. The staff are very friendly and certain elements of the food was really good. However my main course (the basil pasta) was really poor and undercooked which I certainly didn't expect at this level. Some elements are 1*, some 2* (the mignardises) and the basil pasta would not have been 1* even had it been properly cooked. How this place got 3* is a mystery to me. If you go expecting a solid 2* performance you will be happy but 3* it was not
  2. I am entertaining some Romanian friends of my husband next week; we are having raclette as a main course but I would like to cook something Romanian in their honour as a starter. Apparently they are "good eaters" - any advice on a relatively simple starter which requires no special ingredients would be much appreciated. It also has to be quick to prepare as I have a 4 month old baby !
  3. Well, we have been and we have eaten - very well Quick review here and some pictures to follow in due course. We were planning to have set lunch but ended up having a la carte. The website hasn't been updated with the new a la carte so please excuse some of the descriptions which might be a bit wanting. We arrived around 12:45 for our 1.15 reservation, it was really quiet with just a few tables of quite a mixture of "types" - solo man, 2 tables of ladies who lunch, an old couple exchanging almost no words through whole meal, table of 5 banker types and us - young couple clearly celebrating
  4. Going on the 19th and wondering if anyone has any menu recommendations ? Or recommendations to avoid.. Chose it on the basis of longevity meaning it must be pretty good. We usually eat at Gavroche or Marcus Wareing if having a London treat, how does Square match up (apart from the star aspect)
  5. Matcha macarons are delicious - especially sandwiched with chestnut creme au beurre Or you could just enjoy some matcha tea..
  6. well, we went there on Sunday night for our anniversary. It was excellent. We had the menu exceptionnel which was elegant & classic. canapes were langoustine mayonnaise on toast, tapenade palmiers and a croute with pancetta and chutney. Amuse was an oyster with a savoury foam. Course 1 was hot foie gras; there was a foie terrine on the specials menu and I couldn't make up my mind what to have - the terrine was offered instead no problem. Went for the hot foie and it was excellent, served with ginger bread and some mache salad. Second course was crusted topping, braised oxtail and fava bean
  7. I'm hoping to visit NY in April next year - is it really two courses for $28 for lunch ? In a 3 star establishment ? It sounds too good to be true... what are the hidden extras ?!
  8. fde, saw on the main review you're going to Chez Dominique soon. You will LOVE it, very similar style of food and presentation to Oaxen (where I am desperate to go myself) They have only tasting menus, no a la carte, just 5 course, 7 course or 9 course. A different selection of dishes is prepared for each menu - it's not just an extra 2 courses. It is simply fantastic
  9. I'm in the UK and have certainly never heard the term "dessert chef" here - it's just pastry chef/patissier or baker But the term makes me think of maybe someone who has experience in the whole kitchen that ends up through either circumstances or choice on the dessert section in a restaurant. Clearly in a restaurant you aren't making jams, gateaux, viennoiserie etc - you're just making plated desserts, maybe some breads and petits fours and if you're in a decent place you're making some doughs either for your own section or the larder and meat sections. But you don't have the wideranging expe
  10. I made a bay scented custard once at college - a very adult taste which was really tasty
  11. We have half board at our resort but will probably dine out a few times. Is Harmony Hall good, found it on the internet ?
  12. Here in the UK flan is used to describe a pastry case filled with any number of fillings - from savoury (spinach adn ricotta flan) to fruit flan. The food that a New Yorker would recognise as flan would be described here as a caramel custard. So here in England to write simply "flan" would be like writing "pie" in the states - not very descriptive.
  13. Taken on 27th April. Starter - Eggs en cocotte with spinach and truffle Main course of scallops Main course of libaise bread with chicken & hummus Selection of hams, salmon and cheeses Dessert of American pancakes with griddled banana and coconut From the patisserie trolley (we had to have one of each ) (black forest macaron, passionfruit jelly adn paris-brest) pannacotta with salted butter caramel, strawberry & banana cake and and a chocolate hazelnut cake Everything was delicious, from the Christine Ferber strawberry jam which we very nearly finished, to the lemon cake
  14. Fibilou


    my favourite rhubarb dish is lightly poached young stems poached in champagne, orange and pink peppercorns. Served with something like a buttermilk sherbet or creme fraiche ice icream it's really good.
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