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  1. You should! In addition to being safe, it's also delicious.
  2. But... But... Law school broke my brain! It hurts to read it any other way.
  3. MikeHartnett

    Rice pudding

    I have to throw in my vote for coconut milk and "glutinous" rice pudding. Unbelievably delicious, incredibly easy, and uses ingredients I have on hand almost always. Don't even need spices of any kind. Rice, sugar, water, cook until pudding-like, then mix with coconut milk and a pinch of salt.
  4. Made the endives with grapes and apples tonight. Unfortunately, no photo, but it was beyond delicious. You really can't understand without making it.
  5. I'm not sure this is being thought through very well. What benefit does a bartender see if a drink is protected in some way? A bartender profits in two primary ways from the creation of a drink: making and selling the drink at their bar, or collecting recipes in a book and selling it. Allowing some form of protection for the recipe itself does not aid either; a bar is not going to see a spike in sales because they are the only bar that can claim ownership of a certain drink (because people don't generally travel exclusively to have a drink, and because protecting a recipe would still allow another bartender to make a similar drink with nominally different measurements, etc., just like knock-off soft drinks) and recipe books are already copyrightable- no change there. The only arguable benefit to the creating bartender is acknowledgment, and that really isn't the driving force behind intellectual property protection. It's similar to fashion: Some designers complain that they have no such protection for their designs, but for the most part, it's an industry built on constant knock-offs and improvements on the work of others. Protecting work would lead to a static industry, or at least an industry that would have to completely redesign the way it works to accommodate complete innovation with every new creation.
  6. Whisk[e]y! http://www.whatdoesjohnknow.com/
  7. I think the point that everyone has failed to address is that this restaurant's concept is that it's a destination. Traveling to different time periods, reserving "tickets," etc. To address Sneakeater's arguments that this breaks with restaurant "tradition," that seems to be just the point. This is not a traditional restaurant. And clearly, if you're shocked or offended that a restaurant isn't "traditional," Chef Achatz's restaurant(s?) are not for you. Don't make it a point to check out Alinea, either, if that's the case. The argument that there can't possibly be anything wrong with something because it has been done for a long time is not very helpful. Television was free for a long time, and then cable came along. That seems to be working out alright. For just a few years, people had to walk or uses horses to travel. Planes, trains, and cars seem to have upgraded that situation. And to be clear, I understand that from your perspective, it appears that this would make you less likely to try the restaurant. But I think there are probably enough people who can say with a fair amount of certainty that work will not interfere with their dinner plans on a certain day. ETA: Re nxtasy's post, I don't think it's fair to say that people with unpredictable jobs shouldn't be able to eat where they want, either. There are plenty of people with such jobs that cancel as soon as they're aware of a conflict, as I'm sure Sneakeater does. A dinner reservation is not a doctor's appointment, or a court date. If you can't make it, and you let them know in advance, in all likelihood, they'll be able to fill your spot, and at the very least, there will still be other customers in the restaurant.
  8. Made the Hanger Steak Ssam last night. Really enjoyed the marinade, and, as always, David Chang's kimchi recipe.
  9. This needs to be remedied. Hint hint, somebody. Don't make me open a Scotch bar instead of going into law... Or, do.
  10. I'm looking for the best bars in the city to try a variety of whisk(e)ys- single malts, bourbons, ryes, etc. Any recommendations?
  11. For me, it's gotta be plain old whiskey. Tastes great cool, room temperature, or otherwise. And by otherwise, I mean the 5000 degrees it's going to reach at a festival in New Orleans.
  12. I don't have an exact answer to your question, but I am under the impression that if it is still distributed in the U.S., then it is not being distributed in Louisiana. The guys at Cure said that Vieux Carre had the last few bottles, and I picked up one of those last few. This was probably close to a year ago, so the situation may very well have changed, but that was where it stood then.
  13. Thank you HungryC!! Luke's was exactly what I was looking for. Making reservations now. Iris also has non-Gulf oysters, although I don't know why you'd come here to eat oysters from Washington.
  14. I've used the light rice vinegar. I'm fairly certain that's what it refers to.
  15. ^ This. I love it here, and I would never discourage anyone from living here, but it's fantastically different from anywhere else in the U.S., let alone Norway. And really, I'm glad my dogs aren't too little. The cockroaches might get 'em.
  16. He wasn't involved in the negotiations, though, as far as I can tell. After the deal closed with Trosclair as majority owner, Georges came in and bought the majority share for himself.
  17. Edit: Whoa. I take it back. I initially thought John Georges has just bought into the deal for a small share, but he's now the majority owner. Can you say publicity stunt?
  18. To answer my own question, CP&S shows a lot of promise. I got a chance to sample a few things: the mixed grill plate (boudin blanc, "lil' smokies," lamb sausage), the panzanella, and the margherita pizza. The mixed grill was fantastic; sausage is the strength here. The pizza was also good, but I felt it was a little unevenly cooked, and underseasoned. Easy fixes. The panzanella was also good, though unspectacular.
  19. Has anyone been to Crescent Pie & Sausage yet? Thoughts? I've had the chance to sample their cooking at various events, but haven't been to the physical location yet.
  20. Oh, so good. And it's like 2.79 a lb.!
  21. I can't wait either. Really enjoy Huevos, and have been waiting for Crescent Pie for a long time.
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