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  1. heidih

    Cooking plain old chips

    There is also the type of potato. I came up with the basic Idaho Russet. Today it iss fancy pants potato selection. Might be affecting your result
  2. heidih

    Easter Menus

    Minimalist here for just a few. who care little about tradition. Egg/pea salad on toast points or with corn tortilla chips freshy made and split pea soup with a roasteed lamb stock base (simmering now). . Lemon bars for tea/coffee.
  3. Serioyus Eats addrressed the issue the other day probably for Passover frying. . Hopefully our master fry folki like @Shelby and @HungryChris If done properly your food should be crisp and not oily. If you measure before and af6ter there shoud be only a slight difference, https://www.seriouseats.com/2019/04/how-to-dispose-of-cooking-oil.html
  4. 2 thihgs: I can share that when I intervuewed at the HQ it was made absolutely clear that customer serviice is a priority. They will find out for you. 2 - Yes suun dried. Check out this older eG blog from Turkey. https://forums.egullet.org/topic/96590-eg-foodblog-sazji-istanbul-glutfests/
  5. heidih

    Lunch 2019

    II am not a ham person. Taken to usng baked soyrizo (ok eye rolls accepted) but you have inspired me to get some going wit saved roasted lamk shank bones. Thanks! It is COLD here.
  6. heidih

    In-N-Out v. Fatburger

    One of the local mayors refused to let FatBurger into the city. I find In n' Out boring and did enjoy the other chain esp with an egg. Much more flavorful - but that was probably 20 yeaars ago...When I did dog adoption events we wer often adjacent to a FB but I was kinda over it. The smell clashed with the mega chain pasta joint next door. Smelll does affect taste.
  7. heidih

    Dinner 2019

    Oh my! Checking my AMEX points! Jealous! Frying the curry leaves like sage makes culinary sense
  8. heidih


    I agree with pesto or treat it as the green in a stir fry or soup. the pugenny goes way, It is just a green veg. Same with basil or parsley.
  9. Funny observation/ Here in Los Anglees where you can feel like you are IN an Asian local market in many places - HMart is not as loved and is perceived as a bit anitseptic. I go several miles furter to feel the energy. The madrush i produce dept. Feom my 2011 blog.
  10. heidih

    Easter Menus

    What!?- no lamb??
  11. heidih

    Dinner 2019

    We had a member who regularly used basil as a green in stir fries and the like in mass quantities
  12. I am on the other side having worked in addiction. I find the word offensive. https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/foodnews/it’s-time-to-stop-calling-foods-‘crack’/ar-BBQRmu0?li=BBnb7Kw
  13. As previously noted the walls are great, love the fermentation display pic, and of course the shot of the handsome team. Best wishes!
  14. I'll taste a bit andthen decide. Use in a mashed prep if taste is still ok. With something for color like tomato.
  15. When we remodeled the kitchen we relied on the designer (no charge) at Lowes. We did all Bosch. She sees a lot of kitchens and had good practical input. Ours is over the oven built in tthough.