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  1. Friend's son new book release Oct 22 (no affiliation) Interesting gardens/landscapes https://www.amazon.com/SURFACEDESIGN-Material-Landscapes-James-Lord/dp/1580935508
  2. heidih

    Lunch 2019

    Seaweed in the corn - yes I like but I am kinda stuck on that bread!. Beautiful.
  3. heidih

    Weird zucchini

    The old chesnut "variety is the spice of life"?? The skinny one screams "no flavor" In general with zuke I am a Melissa Clark convert on the thin slice and broil. See "In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite" pg 58 zuke w/ mint & garlic (kinda covet your stove)
  4. Yes on thyme. No on bay. Personally I would nix the cream - the fat can dull the vegetal top note. (how effete does that sound!) And then to be contrary i would do just a touch of brown butter as a finish. Do let us know,
  5. Oh no now I am imagining Stephen King blood splatter!!! If freaked my friend out that I just bought her 12 yo "On Writing" https://www.amazon.com/Writing-10th-Anniversary-Memoir-Craft/dp/1439156816
  6. @liuzhou yes those tasty pretties are the top seller at out oldest Chinese bakery which is Hong Kong founded I think. Every old guy outside playing cards and smoking (yes despite laws...) has one on a plate Great & tempting images
  7. Oh hell I gave my guards https://www.rolling-hills.org/ homemade choco chip cookies. They were SO happy. My fish guy (I learned today) is from the east side of Mexico on the Gulf. I am pondering.... He knows the peeps from Coni https://coniseafood.com/ He is incredible but my usual does not seem enuf...We shall see
  8. heidih

    Lunch 2019

    Thank you as always for your correction
  9. Both fascinating and scary. He IS a force
  10. "Beyond the Paw Paw Trees" was a childhood favorite I give young readers now. A native North American fruit. Never personally tasted- jealous https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Pawpaw-Trees-Anna-Lavinia/dp/1590174615
  11. heidih

    Lunch 2019

    The word has been often used by peeps non US. @shain I think off the top of my head. As Cos is romaine elsewhere from us US centrics...
  12. I have not purchased ketchup since the boys were out of the house BUT I was always fond of the classic glass bottle. Perhaps it is a combo of nostalgia and hand-feel. My favorite vintage diner uses the old glass ones. I like it so much that I hoard the "minis" when room service puts them on the tray.
  13. Being Ms. Opposite" - I'd treat the stains as I do my physical scars : history. I have 48 year old Formica on the desk where I work and in the study room. I've spilled beet juice on the one by my computer several times and it wipes right up. Mine is shiny & slick. In hospitals and non-chemical labs I've installed the dull stuff which seems to have a more "open grain". Stains have never been a complaint. I wonder if aggressive cleaning "opens the pores"??? (nothin like anthropomorphising a countertop ) I like super-canner Shelby's idea of butcher paper and then lined with a couple butted up sheet pans if the stains bug you. With hand issues I never advocate scrubbing...
  14. heidih

    Lodi Trip

    This is probably less than helpful but I gotta say my best trips have involved discovery. Even in a place as much discussed as New Orleans - what I found/stumbled on created the lasting memory. Have fun!
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