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  1. Have not been in some time. Season matters - you want to avoid the college nutters during spring & winter break. So built up now. Best meal I had (honeymoon) was tuna I caught and conch the boat guys dove for We'd rented a little boat to fish. All of us shared grilled tuna and conch ceviche back at hotel where chef was very happy to prep & cook our catch.
  2. Bugs truly rule and will outlive the human race I think Locally the skunks are the grub lovers and get rid of the lawn grubs - not that I support lawns in a drought state like California.
  3. heidih

    Dinner 2021

    Nice finish on the pork and I am a huge fan of mint and garlic with zukes.
  4. @dcarch what critter was that guy going to morph into? Looks friendly until he eats his weight x bazillion in your plants
  5. I thought so on the fork marks. I prefer crunchy but enjoy soft if there is some chew - so I'll be right over. Ice cold milk? And I'm not a milk girl generally.
  6. Are they on the crunchy side? I like the dry roast peanut sprinkle. No cross hatch fork pattern huh?
  7. Thanks for this. I've been trying to vary my grains and your recommendation adds eight to the option.
  8. What is that tree that smells just like it. All over the local high school campus - kids call it the cum tree. Squid does have a clean sweetness so there is some sense to the ice cream. ETA: ornamental pear
  9. heidih


    Yes which as a former ED person tweaks me but it is better than buying a head for some apps. Just like I can do lovage in a soup. but not full on classic celery. Some probably use it in bloody mary cocktail?
  10. heidih


    Oh there was that annoyng commercial where the woman taps her head and says "oops I coulda had a V8" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYo0lVVH2wU
  11. heidih


    There is the classic V8 and places like Trader Joes have copycats. For years I kept it in my pantry as the base for a quick soup - add hot sauce and maybe cottage cheese or/or croutons - a happy snack or meal. Am I the only one ?
  12. heidih

    Dinner 2021

    @liamsaunt That is interesting on dead yeast - never in 50+ years had that happen. Wonder why. Any way your naan is enticing.
  13. heidih

    Lunch 2021

    @blue_dolphin I am more crushing on that pasta shape
  14. Crumble before is simple and potato masher - not a one-off tool fan
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