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    Checked it out last night. The space was nice, a little more trendy looking then Garces' other places. We were seated right away and started with their "rum punch" cocktail. The offer this by the glass and by the pitcher, it was our mistake not to order by the glass to begin with, but we ordered the pitcher and were not pleased. The taste was not bad, but almost like it was missing something. It tasted flat and seemed like something sour would have helped it out. We ended up ordering wine instead and did not complain, just stated that we didnt like it. The server charged us only for 2 glasses instead of the whole pitcher. The service was good, quick and efficent and pleasant. The bread, as mentioned was great. Very chewy and hot when it arrived. We started with the Shellfish Ceviche which was good but it didn't really wow me. The addictive little corn nuts and fried lima beans that came with the ceviche were a hit though. Then came the Salt baked shrimp which was tasty but a bit too salty. I know - what should I have expected from the name, but it was almost too much and it turned me off. We also had the lamb empanadas and the Pork Belly buns. Neither were fantastic. I liked the empanadas more then my dining parnter, who took one bite and pushed the rest aside. The pork belly buns were better and the bun they were on was really tasty, light fluffy and nicely seasoned. For the heavier plates we had the lobster noodles, which were a highlight. They noodles were really tasty and the creamy broth was almost like a lobster bisque. Large chunks of what appeared to be tail meat. I don't know how traditional this plate was though, it tasted like it could have appeared on any menu and would have fit. The worst thing we ordered was the grilled octopus. I love the version at Amada and I was hoping for something similar. This was nicely grilled and tender, but the taste was not good. It tasted like it was not fresh and a bad aftertaste. Finally, the beef tenderloin with stir-fried veggies and pototes was very good. Perfectly cooked and tasty. Overall, I was dissapointed in the meal. I was hoping to be wowed like the first time I was at Amada and Tinto. Maybe I ordered the wrong stuff, the picture that philadining posted of the chicken looked awesome. I may give it another chance in a few months.
  2. The Newportville Inn in Bucks County has a nice German Menu I find it very authentic and the portions are huge! The menu is online and the food and beer there is great.
  3. Hello! I am hosting a wedding the weekend of June 21 looking for a nice restaurant in Old San Juan to hold a dinner for the guests abotu 15 people any suggestions might help?
  4. I did not say anything-- and I don't feel like I should have because I felt slighted by them as much as I did by the server. The food was fine-- not great but fine Boyfriend had the Roast Beef with no cheese and I had the vegetarian po boy both were good but the whole place didn't make me feel welcome at all--- just like I was a pain. I can't forgive that in the hospitality business Hopefully they do well, but in Pennsport they should be a liitle more friendly
  5. I was here about 3 weeks ago on a cold sunday night, I was unimpressed. The service was rotten, We were the only table in there and we were ignored. The waiter forgot the cheese on my boyfriends sandwich-- come on! They were hosting some kind of party and we totally felt like we were a burden. I had read about the restaurant on this site and I was excited because it is only 5 blocks from my new home, but I will not be returning. I was all excited about having something with a good bar menu and some good beer nearby to stumble home from, but alas. Also, why dont they have the bar menu and the regular menu together? I had to ask for the bar menu like a chump. And, for a new restaurant the owners or whomever could have taken a second to stop by my table-- the only one in there-- and say hi. We are neighbors. A certian someone I used to work for always said that a person with a good expierence at the restaurant might tell one person if you're lucky. A person with a bad expierence will tell everyone with ears. Its a shame because Pennsport could use some sprucing up in the bar catergory. Unfortunately this is not it for me. The fries are awesome though, but I can get them at Brasserie or 5 guys or at home.
  6. Just go for it and go to the Circular Dining Room at The Hotel Hershey the hotel is beautiful and the Circular dining room is what I always imagined the Old hotel dining rooms were like Also, the new Chocolate Spa treatments are neat at the Hotel as well I think they are on open table too so a reservation is super easy
  7. Fred Ortega's creme brulee is great at Lacroix
  8. In Northern Virginia, the Sheetz gas station. Best meatball ever with extra provolone cheese soo tasty I think there are some sheetz in central pa too
  9. Estia? for grilled fish. Also what about Nineteen?
  10. the menu looks great and I personally can't wait the service is very friendly and the food is reallly good for lunch. sounds fun
  11. the rittenhouse is nice but the bar is not, The Latham is nice for a room thats comfy and the best location to everything. Plus the doorman wears a funny horseback riding outfit. My room at the latham was very nice, from what I remember and very close to nightlife and restaurants. A nice bar is le bar lyonais downstairs at le bec fin if it is not crowded--- also the bar at the Prime Rib with the piano player is quite nice
  12. I just ate there last week, did not notice a sign?
  13. did you guys notice the pictures of the former Pope and Robin Williams on the wall of Syrenka's? My father works in Port Richmond and incendentally the Rib Ranch in PR makes the wings for the Wing Bowl, as well as La Colombe's warehouse and roasting facility are in Port Richmond. PS Taconellis is not worth the hype in my opinion
  14. What about Amada on a more expensive note, or Bar Ferdinand on a less expensive one. How can Sangria, a bunch of girls and tapas not be fun?
  15. Have a great time, the place is beautiful and the area is such a nice change! Please tell what you had and how it was. I also remember the cheese cart is a cow!!! cheers
  16. As for all you alumns, I was talking to JML recently and heard that the new Chef, I guess he is not too new anymore, was not his choice. All of you who worked there know whose decision it was. I never worked in the kitchen, so I do not understand how chef was to work for from a culinary standpoint, but as a FOH staff, He was a Chef who understood the whole dining expierence which is rare. I keep in contact with him and I miss the days at Lacroix alot. Just a little side bar
  17. right on toddy Any press for the city's dining scene is great, and wil hopefully inspire more articles that address the topics yáll mentioned in previous posts. An influx of diners and labeling Philadelphia as a "food destination" will only help things along. We all have our own topics that we wish were included in the article, I mean I know personally some of the mad science Lacroix was doing last year, but the point here is, great article, great exposure for the city.
  18. 215-790-1620 Anna is the owner/ chef she is really nice, I can't wait to dine there!
  19. I am surprised about the market being empty, I go on sat around Christmas time and it is always crowded. Is the Eastern Market still going?
  20. i just heard from the restuarant that Deux Cheminees is closing June 8th Get there before then!
  21. got an email about a beer and hot dog happy hour here from www.philly2nite.com. Something about homemade hotdog and microbrews. I guess they are going fot a loungey place rather than dining....
  22. I would love to read about doneckers and how it is. I think it would be a great place to take my parents for a special occasion. Also, my father drew the picture of the Altland house that is still on it's menu today, although I never ate there To the post above about fine dining in York, CO. I think there can be fine dining anywhere, and in a town so rich in history as York I am not at all surprised. As I recall York was the first capital of the United States......
  23. I remember Doncekers as a kid--- I thought it was so fancy! Is it still going and how is it??
  24. sweet My knowledge of York Co. dining is minimal, but I always look at the menu in the commonwealth room at the Yorktowne and the menu looks really good. I also am a fan of the Paddock for crabcakes (by no means fine dining) and my dad loves Jim and Nenas pizza. Do you go to the fair??? I was really disappionted when the Greek Church gave up on the gyros and now they aren't as good.
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