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  1. I was browsing a german webshop when i stumbled over freeze dried cream and have become fascinated with it. Freeze dried cream But what to do with it and how to use it? Could be mixed with some dust from freeze dried fruit and used as a sprinkle on desserts?
  2. One i made some time ago. Breakfast burger! Pancetta instead of bacon... Nice way to start a sunday:)
  3. Morten

    Homemade butter

    Ill guess that the cream I used could be compared to heavy cream
  4. Morten

    Homemade butter

    Yesterday i gave homemade butter a try - It surprised me how easy it was. Cream in blender (dont have a mixer og foodprocessor so), let it run until the cream breaks up into buttermilk and cream. Then all that is left is to wash it, so it get rid of the last fluids in it, and to salt it. It tasted great on a no knead bread:) Have anyone some good ideas to enchance the flavour of the cream before turning it into butter? The butter just after the cream broke. Working the last of the buttermilk out of the butter Fresh bread from the oven and homemade butter - that made my evening:)
  5. Morten

    Ethereal Sauces

    a knop of cold butter in the sauce just before it gets served. Makes a big difference
  6. the water at my house has alot of calcium in it and i have had the same problem. But using bottled water did help. On another note - the book that comes with the mini spherification set kit (my version at least) says the bath should rest for two hours. I read here and on the texturas website that it should rest for at least 12 hours in the refrigerator, to get rid of all the air.
  7. Morten

    Making Cheese

    One thing i do is to heat the milk very slowly over low heat. Best way for me to control it
  8. Morten

    Making Cheese

    Thanks - foodporn is a hobby of mine.. I have to try the whole milk ricotta one of these days. I really like homemade ricotta, but i usually take a weekend every few months to make cheese - to far between for my ricotta needs
  9. Morten

    Making Cheese

    I first add one liter of whole milk to the whey and then bring the whey near the boiling point (in my experience approx. 83 celcius/181.4F works best), i then add a tablespoon of vinegar. The first couple of times ive made ricotta ive used a bit to much vinegar, wich made the ricotta taste like vinegar. Then curds forms and after a few minutes i remove them to drain. From the 8 liters of milk used in a batch of cheese (wich should be approx 6 liters of whey) plus an extra liter of milk, i get around 400 grams of ricotta. It tastes better than any bought ricotta i tried
  10. Morten

    Making Cheese

    Thought i would throw in a few pics of cheese ive made a few months ago. Homemade Feta...taste great! This should hopefully end up like a homemade parmesan - but i have my doubts, but i have at least 4-5 months yet before i can even start to picture the result... Ricotta made from the whey from the feta and parmesan cheese. I do think that the most difficult thing to control is when making a cheese that needs storaging..but its allways fun to see what happens
  11. Ive been looking for a cheap quick DIY way to do the thing where you fill a glass bowl filled with smoke over a dish right before you serve it. But beside link to the smoking gun and a homemade ditto, all i can find around the net is sites about people should stop smoking. Ive been thinking about some tinfoil with a bit of smoldering wood in - but any ideas are appriciated.
  12. I would say that what software needed depends a lot on what you want to do. Quark express and indesign are both very good programs, but are made for the professionals (not to say that others cant use them). Office and openoffice could be used too if the menu is going to be all text.
  13. Morten

    A Paean to Pears

    I was so fortunate that i got a big box of pears today - i estimate there is over 40 of them allmost ripe and ready to go. Sure some are going to do be eaten as they is, but there is no way i can eat them all in time. Anyone with good ideas or recipe for creative use of them - not only for desserts
  14. Morten

    Making Cheese

    I made some cheese over the last 6 months. Mostly feta and soft cheese. But this is my first venture out into blue cheese. I took a small culture from a cheap gorgonzola and used that as the base for it. It was a bit more runny than i wanted it to be. It had a strong first flavour, but then quickly settled down to a creamy niceyness. I made two and one was used on no-knead bread and the other to some nice pasta dishes.
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