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  1. MonaPizza, Alwang, thanks for the links! Tavogels, I am usually not crazy about vanilla in teas and coffee but i'm willing to give it a try at home using the leftover pods from my experiments. I still haven't received my vanilla pods but I am already quite excited about this!
  2. Funny thing... although it can be quite tough, this cut is used extensively in bistros for steak frites for example... Do not overcook (I still don't understand how braising could work here since there is no fat or conjunctive tissues in this cut but I might miss something) And then, melt a good amount of herb butter on top and/or add heaps of caramelized shallots. I think that North Americans are spoiled with a remarkable availability of great cuts of beef and too often forget the cheaper ones... and that includes me.
  3. I just bought a pound of grade B vanilla pods and a 'sampler' bag of different vanilla pods... I intend to use vodka for my extract experiment but have other plans as well: 1. I will try to infuse vanilla flavor in Maple Syrup (the season is about to begin here). 2. I will experiment using vanilla in savoury dishes (I'm thinking squash soup, veal stew and pasta... actually I am thinking about a parmesan and vanilla pasta recipe done by Ferran Adria on his Spanish TV show) 3. I am also thinking about vanilla salt done in a similar way as vanilla sugar (maybe to sprinkle over scallops? not sure yet) 4. I am also thinking about a creamy salad dressing... What else can you do with vanilla apart from baking?
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