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  1. New and improved TC3: Now with 50% less Gail. I don't read Food & Wine and if Gail is representin', that won't change.

    I've thumbed through it at my endodontist's office and the recipes seemed decent enough, though much of the content comes across as a wine ad. I hate wine so I'm certainly not subscribing.

  2. nduran, Actually I made that cake. Do you see now what I mean ?

    I'm not sure why I'm supposed to be familiar with "that cake" exactly, but if you're attempting to produce a sparse brittle as depicted in "that photo" then yes, moisture is definitely going to be a problem for you. Not sure I'd want a mouthful of gum-slicing, tooth-cracking shrapnel in a cake anyway, so it may actually be beneficial to soften it up a bit.

  3. I can't stand Globals because of the metal handle. If my hands get wet that handle is going to lose a bit of grip.

    I've heard a lot of people complain about this but have yet to experience any slippage with any of my Globals, even when thoroughly slimed with mango or avocado squishings. I definitely do not like all of the handles on all of their pieces, but I really don't get it.

  4. I make a kind of mango tapioca pudding that also works as an ice cream topping and keeps for a couple of weeks in the fridge. Just boil and rinse some tapioca pearls, add some coconut milk, palm sugar, a little bit of extra tapioca starch, vanilla and lots of fresh mango puree, then simmer and stir until it's thick.

  5. Build a lightbox with heaters blowing into it to keep the temp up and you should get a few more seconds at least. As long as the camera body stays outside you should be able to steer clear of fogged film (or increased sensor noise if you're shooting digital).

  6. The host definitely has a face for radio and needs to work on his table manners, but it's still more entertaining than watching housewives compete to see who can build the tallest tower of inedible Disney-themed junk food this week. I don't personally watch it because of the gross-out factor, I watch it to admire the problem solving abilities of people who are determined to make good use of every part of everything. Will I ever cook bull nuts? No. Is there a chance that I might learn something by watching someone else cook bull nuts? Of course.

  7. I guess I am taking a bit of offense as I am hardly a "scenester" to the point that I deliberately only dine here for lunch - thereby avoiding the standing around waiting for a table - and have enjoyed my half-a-dozen meals there.

    You're right, I should not have drawn so insensitive a dichotomy in my assessment of Burma Superstar's sidewalk clogging clientele. The hype surrounding the establishment definitely draws more than its fair share of soccer mom sommeliers and other assorted yuppies who are afraid of "spicy" food, too. Doesn't mean you don't have the right to enjoy as many meals as you like there, but when an Asian restaurant in a predominantly Asian neighborhood fails to attract many Asians, you do have to wonder what's going on. Even this supposedly glowing review was full of terms such as "salty," "overdone," "mushy" and "cold." Sounds about right, but it does not sound appetizing. I'm happy that the owners are doing well for themselves, but on those occasions when I'm too lazy to hike up to May Wah and get the ingredients necessary to bastardize another culture's food myself, I'll take the filthy pho joint down the road over SUV central any day.

  8. I live about 4 blocks away from it and this place is surprisingly mediocre, attracting more easily-impressed scenesters desperate to be seen than fans of Burmese food. If you feel as though you're not paying enough for salt then I can see standing around waiting for a table all evening while you call all your friends on your cell phone to tell them that you're standing around waiting for a table all evening, but otherwise you can do much better for much cheaper all over the city.

  9. cause one side of the white was not cooked...still opaque...

    Back in, and out at about the one minute beep. I drained it...It looked WAY over-done...so what did I do???

    Well if the egg white was opaque then it would have been done.

  10. I like to mix equal parts ponzu and sake in an atomizing spray bottle and give a baked satsumaimo a few spritzes. Extremely subtle taste but I've never had anyone say they didn't like it.

  11. You would probably have to eat the thing to get a lethal dose of copper, but brass is so soft I can't imagine wanting to cook in it unless no other material was available. Those images do look different than any other sort of brass I've been around, though, so who knows--could be stronger.

    Should make a decent meringue at least.

  12. Guy's new show "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" is pretty good.  Monday nights at 10 eastern.

    I like diners and can honestly say that I've eaten some of the best meals of my life in tin-roofed truck stops that scared the everloving crud out of me (mostly in New Mexico), but this show consists almost entirely of its host fellating the patron saint of mediocrity on cue while he rolls his eyes back and feigns ecstasy. I'm sure it makes the public feel better about their cooking skills when some thick-necked biker covered in neo-nazi prison gang tattoos elicits such an orgasmic response from what they've been led to believe is a culinary authority figure every time he melts a pat of butter, but come on... We can see the food.

    Most of what Guy enthusiastically deep throats in his close-ups looks like sub-Denny's swill that any idiot with a frying pan could plop on a plate if you gave him a mound of vaguely breakfast-related ingredients, and I refuse to believe that anyone would keep sucking it all down in so pornographic a display if there wasn't any money changing hands. If the goal of a Food Network star is to out-whore Rachael Ray, then he's certainly doing a pretty good job in that regard; wouldn't be surprised if he'd dislocated his jaw a few times in the corporate office.

    The Ham on the Street guy is a total tool, too, but he at least seems like he has an actual personality, is probably pretty genuinely funny in his everyday life, and might even be able to cook something if he took his gloves off. Guy is just a copy of a copy without an original who has more than likely damned himself career-wise by attempting to bypass the whole "chef" part of "celebrity chef" with little more than a collection of in-your-face bowling shirts and home hair frosting kits. I just hope he has a "throwdown" with Bobby Flay before he gets his pink slip so as to erase any doubts about the entire thing being a thoroughly rigged PR stunt. Best night ever!

  13. Apparently a lot of Bed Bath and Beyond stores carry them

    That they do, though they don't usually have the greatest selection. Can't remember if they stock the vegetable knife or not.

    I got mine from Amazon with my Amazon Visa and Amazon Prime membership which nets me triple bonus points and saves me taxes and shipping.

    You will also need a good water stone for sharpening if you do decide to go Global. And make sure you have some wire cutters handy to clip off the plastic ties that hold them in the cardboard package. I read some review on Amazon where a guy severed a tendon trying to rip it out.

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