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  1. Japadog will have a new stand operating in front of Waterfront Station at the beginning of May. Lessee...that's now four stands? And they STILL haven't opened their storefront location yet.
  2. Has anyone tried Juno Sushi Bistro? I've been hearing good things about it... Juno Sushi Bistro
  3. Another restaurant that's been around for a long while - the Deutches House restaurant in the Vancouver Alpen Club celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.
  4. Another restaurant that's been around for a long while - the Deutches House restaurant in the Vancouver Alpen Club celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.
  5. Hey Kentan -- I stumbled across that place in mid-March -- you can check out the ramblings here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/695550?tag=search_results;results_list Gracias grayelf! As always you are a few forks ahead of me. Sounds like great food. Looks like I'll have to start perusing the CH boards a bit more often...
  6. Just when I was complaining about a dearth of South American places in Vancouver... Mochikas Peruvian Cafe has recently opened at 1696 W. 5th, sharing the same building as an auto spa! I haven't tried it yet, but Sherman of Sherman's Food Adventures did - post here.
  7. I'm bumping this thread up a bit. I wonder if there are some Chinatown restaurants that go back a ways. Even Hon's has been around for over 35 years now.
  8. So does anywhere in Vancouver top Medina Cafe for waffles these days? I tried the new-ish Michi Waffle & Espresso Bar on Robson the other day but wasn't impressed.
  9. Nook is a great hangout - we drop by for a quick pizza or two, enjoy a bottle of wine, and a short walk home. Long's on Main Street - the waitress (and owner?) always remembers us, knows our favs, and somehow manages to find us a spot in that tiny room that's inevitably packed. Kei's bakery - I don't go often enough, but whenever I see Hiroshi and Kaori it's "Hisashiburi da ne~" = long time no see! I like that.
  10. Ramen Santouka reopens this Wednesday (28th). They seem to have had some mechanical problems - ventilation perhaps?
  11. It must be Plaisir Sucré - it opened around the beginning of the year. I have yet to go but it sounds great. I can't believe we might have two excellent French bakeries opening within months of each other! There's an article about it from the Vancouver Observer here: Plaisir Sucré Serves Poetry in a Pan on Arbutus What's sad for me is that I think they've replaced Hälsö Konditori, the Swedish bakery. I hope they just decided to move, but for some reason bakeries never seem to move. When they close, that's it.
  12. Neil the article says - "Bylaws prohibit vendors from monopolizing too much space on a busy sidewalk and being too close to an existing restaurant that deals in similar food." But is that enforced? E.g. If you start serving hot dogs, does the hot dog cart have to scram? Not likely I bet. I wonder how Portland handles this. My sense is that they have more surface parking lots that can accommodate those vans. And maybe they make most of their $$ on the business lunch crowd? The Richmond bakudanyaki place seems to be in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere so it's not competing with anyone. I'd be happy to see food carts in places that are lacking in options at the moment. Like in front of Science World.
  13. Thanks for sharing that awesome list Grayelf! Have you been to all of them or is that your to-do list? Mooshmouse I didn't know that Choppers had gone organic - or maybe they always were? When did they move? - and good to have you posting again!
  14. Dylan I'm impressed that you didn't just complain about the state of blogging in Vancouver. You went out and created your own blog that very same day! And a very enjoyable read it is! Your writing style is very engaging - you definitely tell a bit of a story which makes it more than just a food review. The historical context is really valuable as well. And I like that you've got both the Chinese characters as well as the pronunciation and the English translation. That's helpful. Those braised pork buns (肉夹馍 Ròujiāmó) look insanely good. I've got to hit Xi'an Xiaochi the next time I'm in Richmond. Looking forward to more of your recommendations....
  15. Neil do you mean people have stayed out because it's taking place later than last year and so they don't need the boost in business? That's great that you offer the DOV menu a bit early. In fact, if a restaurant doesn't do that, the first few days might be a bit chaotic unless they're offering regular menu items.
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