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  1. I would also like to wholeheartedly agree with the comment about examining the kitchen/food habits of potential mates.  Because lets face it - you'll have to cook and eat every day, and will usually do it together.  If its always going to be a fight...

    Totally! I once dated a fellow who didn't like broccoli, or anything else in that veg. family, and those are staple foods in my house. Also, he was anti-cheese, and always had that fake soy-slices stuff. Eeeeeewwww. When BF and I broke up, my daughter drew a Mr. Yuck face next to his name on the phone list on our fridge.

    Now happily remarried to a man who made me dinner on our first "serious" date. As long as I tell him what size to cut things up, it works fine.

    Oh, and he can't seem to understand why I don't use power tools (food chopper, blender, food processor, bread machine) for everything.

    He's learning about my particular dishwasher geometry, too.

    Life is good.

  2. I just read in the Westender that after 12 years in the same location, the owners of Bean Around the World on South Granville are being evicted by the same landlord who booted out the owners of SOMA on Main. After some protest, he offered to let them stay -  if they agreed to a $2000 per month rent increase.

    Yeah, I read that article, too. Something about Barney's wanting to expand or something.

    Instead, they're going to move their shop up the street to 3077 Granville, but unfortunately "the owners of the Bean Around the World licence, Cowboy Coffee, did not approve of the site and will not allow them to use the franchise title", for which they paid a lot of money for.

    While the coffee supply and branding are going to be a part of the success of the relocated business, the other important part will be the operators. The folks that run the current shop seem so hospitable and genuine (from my infrequent visits) that they should be able to establish some good traffic in their new location. The building houses several offices, so there could be some ongoing potential.

    Hurray for the Independents and Small Producers! There are more than a few local roasters of good, really good coffee beans in town.

  3. I am so sorry for the false calculations! :wub:  When my husband John recounted the candy melts, he got 241 pieces for a 1lb. bag, and he's right!  Let me make amends:  one ounce is really 15.06 pieces. So, for 7 oz. for the modeling paste recipe, you would need 105.42 pieces-let's say 106, and for eight ounces it's 120.50,  or 120 and 1/2 pieces.  Shew!  Sorry guys.  I'll be more careful next time :wacko:

    Or, for 7 oz, it's close enough to half a pound that if you had a 1lb. bag, just divide it in half... :-)?

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