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  1. Thank you so much EmilyR for the names of the flowers. It helps alot cause now I can go buy some for reference and get pictures of them also Can gumpaste flowers me made ahead of time or they'll dry out n shrivel? Also, gum paste is edible or not? Because never once has I eaten a gum paste flower, I ate the sugary powdery flowers on children cakes. Also, Can gumpaste be found anywhere or should I go into a specialty store like Ares? So many questions but I want it to be nice since the cake is the gift me and my boyfriend are giving to the bride and groom. I was also ordered to make the cake toppers ( wedding attire Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel). For the cake to rise evenly, I'll have to get magic strips, is there an equivalent to it?
  2. thank you! I'll definably take pictures of the in process cake and flowers and the cake itself Oh! I forgot to add that for moving the cake, The bride will get me a lift for the cake, but I can't accompany the cake since I'm also a bridesmaid.
  3. My mother and I looked at the picture she sent us. The purple flowers look like violets to us and I think the top flower is a Orchid. (( http://www.simplydevinecatering.com/images/wedding_cake.jpg ) this is the picture she sent me.) She wanted them out of Marzipan but my aunt told me that making them out of Fondant would be the best.
  4. Well I thought of using plain flat boards,nothing too fancy because the bride isn't fancy herself. Thank you for telling me how the the boards should be. my aunt who's a pastry chef (Kareen Grondin) told me that there are butter creams that do well in warm weather and some not. What are the differences between them? Is it just how it's structured so it doesn't melt? My aunt will lend me her cake molds and teach me how to place those "dowels" in the cake so the cake doesn't crumble by it's own weight. I was also wondering. I have the book The Cake Bible, and I was told to make the flowers out of fondant, but to paint then/color them. Should I color the fondant itself or "paint" it using those iridescent powders? @ gfron1: Thank you very much!
  5. I haven't been on the forum for a while, but I'm back. My friend Silvie is getting married on August 16th of this year. She asked me to make her wedding cake, to wich I said yes. Now I know all the details of what she wants but I just need suggestions on how to assemble the cake and such. She wants a cake big enough for 50 people. It'll be the only desert also. She wants the cake to be a white chocolate cake, inside she wants a thin layer of strawberry jam and strawberry butter cream and the outside she wants a white butter cream (she does not know wich flavor). She also wants some flowers made out of fondant on her cake ( I have the pictures for them). Is there anything special that I should know. Any tips and tricks? Thank you!
  6. they taste really good ^^ I added lemon zest to the dough and it has that nice lemony flavor to them they're delicious,I hope the people from my anime club will like them! they do have the shade of a pickle a bit
  7. So I made the cookies today! Burned my finger though >< I am pretty proud of what they look like for my first attempt at a cactuar cookie with royal icing ^^ http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c39/Nephtalim/IMG_0778.jpg (stencil on the dough) http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c39/Nephtalim/IMG_0780.jpg (fresh from the oven) http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c39/Nephtalim/IMG_0781.jpg (without a face) now, some have lightish green lines on them and some don't ^^;; http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c39/Nephtalim/IMG_0782.jpg http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c39/Nephtalim/IMG_0783.jpg
  8. thank you very much ^^ I actually made a stencil made out of waxed card board. it's the shape of cactuar and I will bake cookies shaped like a cactuar and ask my mother to snap pictures of them! I'm quite proud of my stencil even if it's just cardboard ^^ So tonight I will try to have the pictures uploaded!
  9. Thank you very much!! I'll try the stencil method tomorow after making my almond cupcakes and I'll take my mother's camera for pictures and place them here ^^ I am a novice at baking but my sweet heart always says I make good sweets! hehehe ^^
  10. aawww that's so cute! and naughty! a dress made out of cream puffs ^^ it's sweet but god.. I hope she didn't sweat in that! hehe.. lingerie made out of spun sugar...hahahaha
  11. I emailed them and I hope they accept money orders,or else I doubt i'll be able to buy from them. For the copper,they are building a craft/hobby store close to my house,maybe they'll have some! The stencil idea isn't a bad idea too! it seems fairly simple,but won't the cardboard "die" after a while? also.. on a side note,what kind of icing do I use on cookies? The good old colored milk and powdered sugar liquidy one?
  12. Nice!! I wonder if they accept money order.I sadly cannot buy off of the internet usualy because I don't have a credit card. tin? copper? where could I get that? at my local hardware some like Home Hardware n Rona?
  13. I was wondering if there was a way to make my own cookie cutters. I would like to make a cookie cutter that resembles this Game character called a "cactuar" : it's basically a monster in the shape of a cactus. Is there a kind of special material I have to use to make cookie cutters,or is my hope of making Cactuar shaped cookies shattered? http://www.answers.com/topic/cactuar this is a cactuar for those who are curious
  14. I have the "Cake Bible" book but i'm not sure I understand how she makes roses made out of icing Oo... could anyone explain me how? I know it starts with a cone on the little flower nail. but after that,I am clueless.
  15. Thank you!! I think that this is the store he brought me to. it could have a different name here in canada =3 but it does look the same. The tips we saw that cost 8.50 are the same size has the ones in the kit we saw. Oo me and my sweet heart were wondering why they cost so much. though, not all tips work with one pastry bag??
  16. I have two silly questions to ask. My mother bought me a piping bag (one made out of what seems to be fabric with the inside lined of plastic). I slip the lil tip in then screw it in,so it seems to be a very good quality piping bag. My boyfriend wants to buy me tips for my pastry bag in a big store..called Ceres? Ares? I can't recall but it finishes by "res". The single tips cost "8.59" and a set of 70 tips I think they cost around 80$. I was wondering why a single tip cost so much! I can understand for the kit,but not the single tip.Is it because it was a big big store that sold them?
  17. Thank you very very much ^^ I apologise for this very late reply, I have been sick and personnal problems came in. But I made cinnamon buns and gingerbread cookies that look like anime characters. our bake sale was a HUGE hit! We made over a 100$! I would like to thank everyone who helped me ^^
  18. Thank you very very much ^^ your recipe sounds very very delicious!!
  19. My boyfriend celebrates passover because of his grand-mother and he asked me to find recipes of sweet stuff without flour. I already have a flourless Macaroon recipe though ^.^ I was wondering how I could make cakes without flour to please him and his father. Though,I apologise if this has already been asked!
  20. Cosplay Cookies! That's such a cute and great idea!! ^^ I'll tell it to the "chairwoman" of the anime club! ^^ It's a really awsome idea though! Thank you!!
  21. I made the nanaimo bars this week end for the father of my boyfriend (it was his birthday) we gave him half,we kept 3 of 4 peices and I brought the rest as treats to the clubroom members. They all loved it,but it's a bit too sugary for my taste OO Can I diminish the amount of sugar for the middle part?
  22. Thank you ^^ My boyfriend today asked me if I could make something called,if I remember right,Dynamo Bars. I'm not sure if I have the right name for those,but I really don't know what they are and I would really appreciate if somebody could tell me what they are and give me a recipe ^^ thank you
  23. Hi Eileen! The recipe I had called for shredded coconut and that's what I used ^^ though wierdly enough,they looked like a cooked puddle of cookie than a puffy macaroon!I'd love to have your recipe if you don't mind posting it! The chairman of the anime club told me I'd have people helping me out to cook ^^
  24. thank you prasantrin ^^ I'll try to find some savory recipes that I can do. and it would be nice if you could ask your coworker for the recipe ^^ I'm sure people at the club would like it! Thank you for the link as well! Thank you Eileen. I thought they were being piped,so while cooking,they hold their shape and don't make a big blob? I tried making Macaroons once and I don't have a piping bag with the lil tips yet. So my macaroons were spread and they looked like normal cookies and not like fluffy macaroons >< Maybe it was the recipe?
  25. Rice krispy treats are pretty popular here too,well with kids, but I still love making those. hmm..maybe I could make those too for the bake sale ,there's not alot of people who don't like Rice Krispy treats ^^ Thank you! how can I make my macaroons look all twirly and pretty like in the stores?
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