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  1. For a local plate lunch/ BBQ try Mamas in Napili. I love their BBQ pork Sandwich and mac salad. Love Sensei for sushi.
  2. We are really considering closing. My margins are shot. I don't think my customer will pay more - they will just eat less. I already see that. The concept of the rich stay rich works to a degree. I have an afluent customer base, for the most part, even they are tightening their belts. Its really depressing. Put almost 9 years into my place - its a "locals fav", my customers will kill me.......its sad but - Id be better off working foir someone else. Rising costs - lack of skilled labor , Im over it I guess - not cooking thats part of me. But I don't see this getting better - catching up to itself for a long time. I hope a lot of independents are left when it does equalize, I worry all that will be left is chains.
  3. I' d try vinegar in fridge - and maybe baking soda for rough spots.
  4. coastie

    Vile Recipes

    OMG that really might be the grossest thing I've seen in along time . I will feel a lot less guilty for butter on my fresh made bread for a long time.
  5. Its been a couple of years since i purchased. I found the cambro was worth the extra buck because the clasps broke of the carlise fairly easily. My eqiupment was really put throught the wringer though - it had to go on a helicopter and would get tossed down sometimes. It sounds like your box wouldn't take quite the beating. THey seemed to hold temp equally well
  6. coastie

    Baked pasta dish

    sausage and peppers , a good place for a little color. will hold /reheat well. I'd skip the green as they doesn't keep its color when held as well ss the red and yellow
  7. growing up my mom made bread every day becasuse we lived out of town. Each night for almost a month and almost every night the bread would dissappear from the bread pans without them moving so much as an inch. We could not figure it out the dog probably got about 14 loaves of bread which meant no toast for breakfast and no sandwiches for dinner. Turns out the lab we were babysitting had found an easy treat and without the pans moving he was not the suspect. Rodents never took a whole loaf , we were baffled. We still can't figure out how he got up on the counter that high , he may have jumped all the way up......but he was finnally caught with a loaf.
  8. I apologize for any duplication. I'm looking for a quality recipe for a good traditional garlic kielbasa. I've made before but always cheated with spice mix from butcher supply and moose meat would like to make my own. Don't have access to anything besdies your hillshire here. Have a good workingt knowledge of sausage making but am looking for someones grandmothers recipe to go with my family pierrogi recipe. Food memories.....yummm. any help greatly appreciated but basically looking for a what spices, to what meats all pork, or pork and beef, ratio . Is a light smoke involved . ?The recipes I found on the net involved liquid smoke which i'm not fond of. If smoking is appropriate I will do cold smoke process ... happy holidays - ps this is for xmas day ty.
  9. Had a very solid meal at The california grill in the contemporary hotel. - Not a music place but decent sushi. I had some amazing foi gras, the rest of the meal was good. The cool part is its a really good vantage point for rthe fireworks over the magic Kingdom. We had them hold a course and you can go outside on the top of the contempory. Really makes for a wonderful night. Timing of the reservations was key of course. I wanted to eat at Jinko's as was mentioned in one of the posts - looked interesting. We ate a lot of places while at Disney......best service and upscale experience for me was at the contempory - staff actually new what wines would set a dish off etc..... Victoria and alberts was ok ....
  10. I just watched the AK show. Since its my home turf...... He mispronounced many of the place names and food items. Most of the foods were fairly true. I was particularly pleased with the eskimo ice cream - he found it inedible when he ate it the first time. I knew why it tasted bad and knew how good it can be when properly whipped so I was very glad when he ate it again in Bethel. Stinkheads - never been able to eat them, occasionally we have deaths from improperly done stinkheads. THey are amazingly overwhelming he does get bonus points for that!! - the ptarmigan hunting actually included a scene where they turnd the bird inside out to take the feathers off. Doing that in the field and cooking it makes it a bit bizarre otherwise its just a bird.... Oh and my roomate is Yupik and from Bethel, I asked her about the eskimo kisses because I've never seen that and I'm born and raised here.......NO ONE does that.- the rubbing noses thing - why did they included this stereotype....... So can I trust his pronounciation and explanation of the areas he's in??? Don't people tell him how to pronouce places - it is the travel channel?? I would agree that he seems a bit less like the obnoxious american touron... I would reccomend some more fact checking and pronoucuiation corrections based on watching my home done......
  11. I'm in AK. This is really high end food. THe idea is to introduce some cool foods to the market but also to add some income to some of the rural villages. The native woman pick very quickly and now that they eat more western foods they don't use it all and could use the extra income. Laws have been established to protect the plants from overpicking, designating who may pick and where. I'm thinking I need to find a high end produce vendor that is national. Up here my guy is local. A company like and I can't remember how to spell there name but Roagi specialty porduce ( I think they are national, we are so isolated up here) Maybe its chef to chef.....I was just asked because I tend to know about food..this has me at a loss but seems like a realy positive way to bring income without changing thier way of life too much and some of things taste so much better or different then what "we" know.
  12. Good local eats ribs and chicken - REALLY ggod BBQ pork sandwich at Mamas in Kapalua. Family run place in a strip mall.
  13. As the season goes I have access to loads of wild edibles. Laws have recently changed allowing picking by certain people. Cloudberries, fiddleheads, salmon berries, porcini, chicken of the woods ...the list goes on. I am in remote area and have no idea how the purveyor system works, should I approach individual chef in metro areas or should I go to food distribution companies. Anyone have any suggestions, food would have to be air frieghted costs would be high but quality would be choice. As a chef I use this stuff all the time flavors are amazing. I have no idea how the marketing of such items would/should work?? ( The legality, safety of the plants is not the issue)
  14. its the chimney lid thats broken - I've heard to use that black stove chimney goo for repairs. I'm going to give it a try. You use regular charcoal? Not hardwood like a smoker?
  15. Does anyone have an old one, also known as a green egg cooker. Got one a yard sale. A pilot brought one back from Japan to Alaska for each of his stewardesses in the late 60's. Anyone cook in theirs regularly? Any ideas for a substitute for my lid or something to repair my lid, its split into three pieces. I'm guessing something the right size inverted.... but my cooker is all clay and I worry about expanding too quickly. She said to be careful..... what do you use for fuel??
  16. Is that why buttermilk is used when baking - those recipes seem to just use the B.powder ( the alkali reaction?) Still don't understand why both are used why not the soda all the time. Time to Break out my copy of On Food and Cooking and go over this again. LOL
  17. I think ( and I stress think) that the baking powder needs salt to activate and u should very slightly like a 1/4tsp increase salt in your cake. Lots of recipes call for both and I've never understood why - I thought they were the same thing with the addition of an ingredient...... I would just use the whole measurement ( soda/powder together)
  18. NO tentacles ........thats the best part..... fry on LOL
  19. I'm a Johnson and Wales grad that has been in the industry for more than 15 years - I've worked with some great CIA grads. If a student is motivated they will get a similiar experience and leave either school with the tools to become really good at what they do. The programs are different and therefore work better for different people. Being a chef is a constant search for knowledge and its an everchanging career. Culinary school alone does not make a chef. It was so many years before I dared to call myself anything more than a cook. Long after I graduated school. THe debate between schools is silly. However, we used to get a lot of interns, they were not from either of the rival schools but well known lesser schools. I was appalled. If your going to take the time and spend the money - get the pedigree ( CIA or J&W) Industry experience coupled with a degree is great
  20. My chef friend passed away and gave me all his recipes. Its been a few months and I'm looking them over and deciding what to do with them. I think they need to be compiled togther and printed along with stories from his life Im throwing this out there on the odd chance that someone else that worked with Paul will share some stories. He's left me two notebooks of bread recipes - old school!! Paul Rumsfelt was working in Chicago at the intercontinental in the early 90's, also the Palmer house Hilton. He's from CA. and spent time as a stunt man. He spoke 4 lang. inc Polish and Japenese. Spent a lot of time doing Banquets but was the best bread man ever - real artisan production standards. Pauli finished his career in Alaska. These recipes are all scaled for a production kitchen...... do you think a bread book written for chefs would fly.... or do you think it would all need to be rewritten for the home cook. Anyway - he was sweet and a teacher and a real old school chef. He was the rare bird that is still in the kitchen at that age and not because he was inept. If anyone has anything to share - I know its a long shot. ( but the stories he had)
  21. coastie

    Quotidian Sous Vide

    its such a great technique to apply to camping. We eat the best and carry the least. Clean up is minimal- no more egg pan etc. Sometimes I'm cooking - sometimes just reheating.
  22. Montilio's - is great and they have a good web site you can acsess.
  23. Sensei !!!!!! memorable and good Longhis decent Italian in a fun atmsohere food is solid, service is good. Reccomend Lahainna location. Mamas fish house is always good. Get plate lunch - Lao lao ( sp.) or mahi mahi plate ,kahlua pork at the L & L one in waliea and in cannery mall. ( this is local, cheap and good) Isn't there a Nick's fish market in Waliea Had a great meal at Nick's. Food was good. Service was amazing. Sushi at the prince is good too. Stella blues has great breakfast. But my favorite.......buy some ahi poki at the star market and a six pack and watch the sunset. I like the spicy but they are all good. Sensei is a worthy dining experience and is on your side of the island. It is small expect to wait - it is worth it
  24. The traveling kitchen is so much fun and so much hard work. For awhile I had a kitchen that I broke down and went to festivals and also used as a kitchen when catering without power. A lot of that here........ Money was great the work is very hard. keeping enough product on hand and evrything clean with limited h2o etc. We were on site from 3 to 7 days. Now I don't travel after the band LOL..... I do a couple of local food festivals and do weddigs photo shoots and whatever at the local historic" gold mine" ( no power) so mobile kitchen is the ticket. Mine is a kitchen that I set up on site under tenting as opposed to a " roach coach" In AK that is whats needed because frequently I can't actually drive all the way to the site. Its so much work that I now only charge a premium and only do high end. With one exception ( huge fair with 12, 000 attendees) I sling falafel, steak and cheese, pierrogi, greek salad in one and have a crepe booth next door to save on labor and equipment. Its 5 days of the hardest work all year - the line does not stop. but that money holds my little restaurant in the dead season. ( I know its a wierd menu, but its a weird audience...... I say go for it its fun - but check on local health codes they vary a lot and what you look into buying may be difficult to bring to code....
  25. I'm with the bechamel answer. The other options will break and leave an almost curdled effect. Plus its classic and a great way to infuse flavor into the overall product.
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