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  1. Just a couple: - Even if you haven't eaten in days, as soon as you begin prepping/cooking the line nothing sounds good to eat....... -Servers complain about everything you put out for employee/family meal. Even if it is extra filets from last night's party! "Ewww! We served this last night!" I used to tell them if they don't like what is being served then they should put a pb&j sandwich in their pocket before they come to work.
  2. Nice to see everyone enjoys music as much as myself. But, I have to say, after working in numerous kitchens for numerous chefs and one stint where I was el hefe grande, I like working sans music. When I was in charge I allowed music and in return dealt with all the problems that come with it. I have noticed that I can personally concentrate better without background music. I guess I don't mind it as much during prep but when service starts...all quiet for me!
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