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  1. Peach, ginger, white chocolate Peach, ginger, almond
  2. Well, I don't like coffee - but I enjoyed an iced tea with my Dunkin' Donut!
  3. I saw a 'household hint' that suggested using bread as a spoon rest; when done it was a cook's - or pet's - treat.
  4. King Arthur Flour has several cookie recipes on their website designed for ice cream sandwiches; HERE is one.
  5. Dark chocolate, passion fruit, and coconut - the last with or without almonds.
  6. Whirley-Pop for me, too. Perfection! Look no further. The air popper toughens the popcorn, and flings it about as Scoop noted. I do not care for the chemical soup in prepacked microwave products, and did not like my mw 'popper' either.
  7. I have, and like, the BeaterBlade.
  8. One point I haven't seen here is: What sort of example are you setting for your children? Why is it okay to take some things in the store and NOT pay for them???
  9. Foil packaged cream cheese is great for baking - easy to remove and also to 'eyeball' if you don't need the entire amount in a recipe. Using the cheese in another way, no - I think that is why they offer cream cheese in plastic tubs.
  10. Sugar is natually hygroscopic. Unless you are in a very low humidity area, the crispiness will be fleeting.
  11. I'm very pleased with my Blendtec - and I am not that easy to please. I have both pitchers - and have made soups, banana bread batter, various cookie doughs, and many smoothies so far. It is an attractive machine that fits on the counter (not too tall), so there is no delay in fishing out components and putting it together before use.
  12. You may be re-inventing Samosas. I have no experience in making them, just enjoying them in Indian cafes. BTW, I hope you will be having onions on the side with the Majadara.
  13. Whatever their original title, I think they would be great for sushi and salad/summer rolls!
  14. How big are they? Are there any markings on the bottom?
  15. baroness

    Roasted Cauliflower

    I wonder if a fairly long, cooler - 300-325F oven - reheating would drive off the moisture and re-crisp leftovers. Somehow it is difficult to HAVE leftovers!
  16. Of course, it's a matter of taste - not right or wrong. BTW, chamomile is an herbal infusion/tisane, not really a tea.
  17. Irish breakfast tends to be maltier.
  18. Most common tea bags contain black tea. IMO, black teas give up most of their flavor (and caffeine) in a typical 3-5 minute steeping (oolongs and greens may not). So I don't see the point in trying to re-steep a tea bag. Even the more costly ones are not expensive. And, loose tea is amost always better than that in bags - though less convenient.
  19. My cat and I adore the Ding Dong snack mixes (JBC Food Corp., the Philippines)
  20. SO true! Willpower is vastly more powerful when the desired food is NOT nearby!
  21. The Twix Java are fairly good, but I think they would be better with the standard shortbread base. The 'chocolate' base looks better than it tastes, IMO.
  22. Soup - perhaps lentil or potato. Or put some in bread, either as an ingredient, or as a swirl (think cinnamon bread). Make dip, adding enough sour cream/yogurt to tame it down.
  23. From the photos, I can tell that the shelves are woven ONTO the frame - so chair caning would not work. The easiest way to re-do the piece (if the reed is in good condition, but just stained or ugly) would be to paint the reed (acrylic paint from a craft store and a little brush) blue or white to harmonize with the tiles.
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