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  1. katrina

    lawry's prime rib

    the recipe on the lawry's website says to use the lawry's seasoned salt. i'm still looking for it but so far haven't found it. would appreciate you posting the ingredients. is the sauce a simple jus? are you also familiar with their salad dressing? a friend said it's just thousand island. thanks a lot!
  2. hi everyone! i have a request to prepare a prime rib roast (with the salad & the sides) similar to lawry's prime rib. i live in the philippines and i've never eaten at lawry's! i checked out the website for recipes but i was wondering if anyone had inputs on this. thanks!
  3. i'm scheduled to open a brasserie in manila in 3 weeks so i'm in the middle of construction. be careful with the architects/interiors/contractors/electrical & mechanical engineers. i visited my site yesterday & found 4 electrical boards and 2 huge generator switches in the middle of my kitchen wall. in the middle!
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