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  1. I haven't posted here in some time... personal trials - long story, and boring! - but this topic got my interest... I was living in Germany for a while, and "back then" - circa 1984 - mexican food was non-existant. I could make pico de gallo, guacamole, beans, spanish rice, etc.with "local" ingredients, but was stymied by torillas. (I know better now, but this was pre-eGullet days!) Twice while I was abroad, my mom sent me Fed-Ex packages of taco seasoning packages and flour tortillas - $3 of ingredients, $30 postage! If I knew then what I know now... first of all, neither ingredients need be "overnighted".... ...one can make tortillas with a little effort, and ...taco seasoning is a poor substitute for "real spices" At any rate, both times I had a Tostada Party to die for! I invited all American expats and our German and other nationality friends. Made my own refried beans, tostada meat, laid out fixin's, etc. and it was such a hit! Now I miss the Greek food I used to get in Deutschland, and the incredible pizza! Oh, and french food from France, english pub grub from England, italian food from the streets of Italy, danish wonders from Denmark, etc. etc. etc.! Wouldn't it figure - I miss more now than then!
  2. You have to try the P-Land Farmers Market, but its too big and comercial for my taste. Try the Vancouver FM - it's smaller, more intimate, better produce (IMO). There's only one Whole Food in town (In deep down town), but there are a number of New Seasons (which I'm told have been bought by Whole Foods.) For beef and pork DO NOT MISS Gartners (gartnersmeat.com) And check out PortlandFood.org. Its a great community of food lovers who meet and know everything about the Portland food world. Welcome to the best city in the world (Just don't tell anyone else!)
  3. Hummingbirdkiss: Truly, no offense taken. Your beautiful post helped me frame my pantry and freezer items in a new light. Thanks. Jujubee: DAMN! Wish I had your larder!
  4. OMG. How hedonistic I must have sounded... how hedonstic I must be. Sorry. My 2008 resolution is to appreciate my leftovers more. (Can't promise that I'll abandon my "spur-of-the-moment" creations!) Jamie
  5. OK, I'm an original! Heidih You must try it hot... or at least warm... I still wrap mine in a boston lettuce leaf, stuffed with cilantro, mint, and whatever other interesting herbs I find at the asian market. It's juicy, and a bit messy, but nothing really wilts if you make them "al a minute"... I'm just going to call my curries - just curries - and not identify origion. Thanks to all of you for inspiring me my first feeble attempts at "asian curry".
  6. Not to rain on anyones parade but, does anyone else have my problem? I don't have a large freezer, fridge or pantry... but I want to clean them out nonetheless. My problem is that when I try to eat some meal based on available ingredients... it doesn't satisfy. If I saw some killer meal on the "Dinner" thread, I WANT to make that! If I have defrosted butternut squash soup planned for dinner (it was a fine soup), I can eat and eat and never be satisfied... it might be fine food, but it's not what I WANT! I also find myself in the "almost there" zone... I've got 70% of the items for a dish, but I'm short the last crucial 30%... without which it's a "dud". No cilantro, no milk or cream, no appropiate pasta, (all examples!) and worst of all no protein that is right. (For example, I've got only chicken thighs in the fridge right now..) I guess I want to understand how others eat "whats available" vs. "what I want" and still get satisfied?
  7. I had a "spare" russet, and tried this method. This actually my second attempt, the first using a single russet cut into match-sticks. Great reults. This time it was "planks" - very thin. First experiment was wonderous. Here's the "plank method" No shots of raw potatoes. I'm using a wok-shaped non-stick skillet.... a combo of plain veg oil topped off with a little olive oil... After a 2-3 minutes and a toss or two: A bit more time.... Starting to see the crispy edges forming.. HMM.. looking good... Then draining... And serving with a catsup/soy/garlic & chili sauce and W-sauce.... A fine success! (If I do say so myself ) Mine were more crispy than fluffy... some were like homemade pot chips. Love this method!
  8. Damn! I goofed again. Never having eaten in a Thai restaurant, I was seduced by the Larb thread to try it out. I loved it! What I didn't get was it supposed to be served at room temp. I like it hot (temp not spice)! I can't do it any other way now. Now I read (from the "Purist" thead): and... Damn. That is my definition of my curries. Shallots, carrots, green beans, peas, some protein (chicken, shrimp, pork), coconut milk, thats how I've been making my curries. Served on rice. Oh my - am I beyond redeemtion?
  9. Ilana... This has been the most fascinating blog ever! If your avator is accurate, you are a dead-ringer for Julia Roberts! Thanks for effort, insight and stunning photos.
  10. Limes. I have to have limes. I drink tap water by the 32-oz. glass all day long. (I won't buy water in a bottle, unless I'm on the road.) But lime juice makes even the worst tap water drinkable. My local grocery store is selling limes for $0.89 EACH! And I bought. A trip to my favorite Asian market bought me 7 limes for a buck! I buy in season and local for the most part, but limes are not subject to those buying rules! I guess we all have weaknesses!
  11. Jamie Lee

    Cooking Rice?

    Doodad, you should write a cookbook with directions only in terms of the "F" finger! Just fantasizing.. "Cut the chicken legs just long enough to give a passerby the finger", "Imagine a poorly cooked lamb shank, and preserve the length of a good finger for stock", "Wash hands thoroughly, then offer the finger to your dinner guest". Yes, I'm a twelve-year-old.
  12. That's it? No one having the cojones to join in the fray? What, other than plate, and physical position, defines an app, an amuse, an HD and a first course?
  13. Jamie Lee

    Cooking Rice?

    Opps, forgot pic:
  14. Jamie Lee

    Cooking Rice?

    Mom never made rice. Despite two years in Japan during Dad’s naval commitment, she still never made rice. Rice scared her. It was a product she couldn’t master and was therefore “evil”. Much like her fear of bees, her fear of rice was absorbed by me too. I never ate rice unless it was in an Asian restaurant. Once in a “blue moon” we would have tempura or sukiyaki … it might be supplemented by “Minute-Rice” or some “Boil in the Bag” yuck. But never real rice. I carried this fear of rice late into my 40’s. I, while a well established “foodie”, had never made rice. I’m not sure I’m better off today, but I do cook rice now. One Way……….. My Way. 1 cup rice (preferably jasmine) - never rinsed. 2 cups liquid - I use ¾ chicken stock - not mine (homemade, too fatty) but low sodium-from-the-box-stuff. Heat the liquid to a boil. Add rice. Cover, lower heat to “low”. About 11 minutes into the process, I re-enter my Mom’s world. I can smell the rice cooking --- Is it burning? Is it crusting on the bottom? Should I check? Should I not, given that’s imperative that rice cooking be undisturbed? I still, to this day, pace during rice cooking. My rice, however comes out perfect every time. It’s not fluffy and white, or picture-perfect. It’s moist, and chicken-y, and totally tasty. Who can’t make rice now ?
  15. And so, The Holy Grail of receipt-gawkers! A found shopping list! The store is "Fred Meyer", so her uppercase "f"s are a curiousity... It took a minute to understand "b.s. chx breast" were Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts. Good price, however! Butter - 2 for $5.. must be Tillamook - it was advertised in Sunday's paper. I love "variety beans" - clearly noted as black, kidney and pinto - how cute! As a finale, note her extravagant upswing on the end of "green onions" - masterpiece! Thanks, unknown shopper, you brought me some joy today!
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