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  1. Even if she might *gasp* actually think it's a good burger?

    Turns out that Padama really does love her some burgers. In one of her cookbooks she talks about her love for bacon cheeseburgers and how her mother could smell them on her when she was young. And in a People Magazine interview she says, "I grew up a vegetarian. Then, because I grew up in the states, I started slowly eating meat. First it was bologna sandwiches, or pepperoni on pizza. As a teenager, [my friends and I] would always go have burgers. I would scarf them down!"

  2. My local supermarket has started introducing some very economical cuts of beef over the past few months, I guess to help people make ends meet during the recession. I found a boneless neck roast at the market, which is a boned out veal neck tied into a roulade. First time I've ever seen veal neck sold like that, naked and unafraid. I bought it immediately, not knowing quite what to do with it, but thinking of Bourdain and Fergus Henderson and knowing there were possibilities.

    The roast is about two pounds. My first instinct is to unroll it, stuff it with ??, tie it all back up, and braise it. But since there seems to be an incredible dearth of recipe ideas out there, I was wondering if anyone had any creative or ethnic ideas for this cut? What would the PA Dutch, or the Spanish, French or Italians do?

    Thanks for the help. :)

  3. We like them lightly grilled and wrapped in some prosciutto-type meat; the smokiness plays nicely with the ham. Asparagus, poached eggs, and some shaved parm-reg is one of our favorite light suppers.

  4. It's not an unusual cut or anything, but most people prefer the shoulder roast, which is cut from just behind the arm roast, because it is boneless. The arm is part of the shoulder primal, so a lot of it gets sold. I think the reason you rarely see it packaged as a whole arm roast is because it is cut down and sold as beef stew or hamburger. Which is sad because it makes an awesome braise.


  5. We have a large local Italian market with at least a dozen types of olives, and they always have the large, red-dyed Cerignolas.

    One thing I notice is that some trays of olives are all exactly the same color, while others seem to have a variety of hues. I am guessing that the olives that appear color cloned have probably been dyed. Is there any quick and dirty way to identify dyed olives?

  6. Hi, I need Hen of the Woods for a recipe asap, I saw them at Dean and Deluca but stupidly didn't look closely. Later on I impulsively got the lobster went back for the mushrooms and saw they were all dried (some moldy but not all), I got the 4 best clumps and took them home (for lobster and hen of the woods mushrooms from Under Pressure obv. )

    I am hoping I can rehydrate them but I'm making this tomorrow (prep tonight) and would like to use really fresh, willing to travel anywhere the subway goes, can anyone help a newb out? Also I guess if you know where to get proper dried ones that may work as well...

    I can't comment specifically about NYC, but I often see Hen of the Woods at the larger Whole Foods stores here in NNJ.

  7. Went by Riverside Market today, planning to buy a whole bunch of stuff for a party tomorrow.  Hadn't been there in a couple months.  Place was dark.  Big sign on the door, "Under Repair."  Peered through the glass, the store is empty, nothing remains but bare shelves & 3 brand-new kids' bicycles right inside the doors.

    I was disappointed because I shopped there all the time. But it was pretty obvious a couple of months ago that they would be closing, because they weren't getting any new inventory. And all this time, that liquor store has sat empty. Who's paying the rent?

    Agree that we don't need another crappy pizza joint in Lyndhurst. There's already one on every corner, like sad little clones. Now the old Blockbuster by Shop Rite is turning into yet another pizza place. When will someone finally see the light and open a place that serves a decent pizza? Everyone I talk to in Lyndhurst is dying for one quality pizza place to open and everyone is aware that most of the pizza in town sucks. A good pizza joint like Brooklyn's Brick Oven Pizzeria in Hackensack would clean up around here.

  8. It's unusual to see Thermapens on sale. That gets me thinking that they trying to reduce inventory for some reason. Am I being overly suspicious, or is something going on with the company?

  9. I know the mark-ups on spirits and certain foods such as pasta are just as high, but I guess that's just a peeve of mine.

    At least some thoughtful preparation and labor went into the food, so there is certainly some justification for that markup. In the case of wine, there is no such justification.

  10. You are missing something wonderful by skipping the second run.  The only added work is refilling your stockpot with cold water (one or two minutes) and bringing it to a simmer (maybe 30 minutes of waiting) and straining (less than 2 minutes) at the end.

    Tim, I'm looking at the second extraction details in TFL right now. The first extraction takes 5-6 hours. Keller then recommends another 5-6 hours for the second extraction, and then another 8-9 hours to reduce the combined stocks "to concentrate color and consistency." That would seem to add at least another 13 hours minimum to the process.

    Of course, TFL is not the only way of doing things. McGee says that 8 hours should be enough to get maximum extraction from veal and beef. Yes, you might squeeze that last little weak bit of gelatin and flavor from the remouillage, but that seems like saving lemons after you squeeze them, so you can boil and extract yet more flavor from them. Actually I think you would get more real flavor out of recycling the lemons than you would out of the remouillage.

  11. Quick FYI - the veal stock recipe in the Bouchon book is very similar but does not include the second extraction (the remouillage). I have made this and it is very very tasty.

    I made the FL version exactly once. As a home cook, the remouillage just adds too much extra pain and labor to the process to do it regularly. I try to concentrate on getting maximum extraction the first time around, which means it spends a lot of time in a low oven after and fat or scum is ladled off.

    It's might be worth comparing the method used in Bouchon with Sokolov's in Saucier's Apprentice. The differences in method can be instructive (and Sokolov also skips the remouillage).

  12. I'd like to know purveyors in the North and Central New Jersey Areas ...

    I haven't seen blowfish at a NJ fish market in well over ten years. But if you find them, it will probably be in season, e.g., summer. A real shame. But I too would like to know where to find them.

  13. Casey has had a change of heart. Today she hates reporters and just loves Carla:

    "I’m a fan of Carla’s and as disappointed as her fans are that she came up short. I’m more disappointed that my great experience with a fellow female chef of Carla’s talent would be damaged by such reckless and unprofessional reporting."

    More love from Casey here: :wub:


    And it looks like D Magazine stands by its reporting. From the food editor:

    I just want to make one thing clear: I have read the original Facebook exchange between Sarah and Casey. Sarah clearly asked Casey to make a comment on the results of the Top Chef show for SideDish. Casey replied. Sarah copied and pasted Casey’s reply. Any claim that Sarah tricked Casey is false. Let’s move on.
  14. Looks very tasty. Anywhere to get it in Northern California, say?

    I can't say for sure if it's available in the US, but my wife says it's almost impossible to find outside of Yunnan. Apparently the Han and Cantonese aren't big on milk products.

  15. In his online chat, Toby gave his theory as to why they they judge only one challenge at a time. If the results were cumulative, you could have a season where one contestant had such a huge lead that all he needed to do was show up. In baseball, they don't play the bottom of the ninth inning if the home team is far enough ahead. But it wouldn't make very good TV if they said, "We're cancelling the Top Chef finale because Stefan is already so far ahead that he can't lose."

    Additionally, the guest judge is not going to know how the cheftestants performed in previous episodes, so it would render their opinion meaningless. When the judging is based solely on the just the meal at hand, the guest judge is as much in the loop and has as valuable an opinion as all the other judges. If other episodes were taken into consideration, guest judges would not have the background on which to base their decision.

  16. As per the fishmonger I'm eating farmed Scottish Salmon.

    Isn't farmed salmon worse, in terms of both health and quality, than wild salmon? A lot of studies "prove" that farmed salmon has a greater prevalence of mercury and other industrial chemicals than wild salmon. I'd cite a source, but there has been so much research done that I think this is common knowledge.

  17. Salads can be served warm, but then aren't they usually billed as warm salads?

    Let's think of some more examples and see if this holds true.

    German potato salad is served warm, but isn't billed as such. It has bacon/fat in it that gets unpleasant served cold.

  18. I'm glad you asked this question. I remember when friends from China came to the US, they asked me what a salad was, and I gave them the usual answer: lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.

    But then when we got to this, I couldn't explain what made this a "salad":


    Actually it was a conch and squid salad, but you get the idea. Hopefully, this thread will clear that up for me.

  19. Rona,

    I saw this : Onsen Tamago Maker 貨品編號BS00220 $120

    and wondered what might make such an appliance more expensive than a top-of-the-line rice cooker? What indwelling mystery? Thanks!


    $120?? :shock: All it does is 'slow poach' the eggs. Can't you do the same thing in a coffee thermos?

    This is a awfully funny in a very sad sort of way ...

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