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  1. Thanks Silly. See you at the Boqueria in October!
  2. Hi Silly: Do you have a menu in English online? I will be in Barcelona in Oct. and will stop by your stall. Richard
  3. RichardA

    Scholium Project wines

    Thanks. I may attend a tasting soon of some Scholium wines so just wanted to see which ones, if any, that people recommended. I have never had any of their wines before, and don't know which ones might be available at the tasting.
  4. Has anyone had any of the Scholium Project wines? Thoughts/tasting notes?
  5. I was there maybe 1 1/2 years ago and at that time had an incredible meal. We had the tasting menu and there was one excellent dish after another. Service was impeccable. We had the wine pairings which were very good too. I don't know if it has changed at all since then.
  6. I bought it for $25 a bottle.
  7. I opened a bottle a few nights ago with my local wine buddies. The wine is very dark in color, almost inky. Initially, this wine had a funky aroma, very earthy and almost a barnyard smell. My initial tastes of this wine began with a gush of very grapey flavors. It transformed into a more earthy taste on the finish, which was fairly long. What this wine really needed was to sit and breath for awhile. For later on, after some time had passed, the wine really smoothed out. The funky aroma largely vanished, though still being mildly earthy. The grapey flavor became much more subdued to nice blackberry and dark cherry flavors. The wine became very smooth with a complex layer of tastes. There were some spicy elements on the finish that emerged and the earthiness largely vanished. I was very impressed with the wine after it had sat for a time. It became very much a Bordeaux-style wine. My friends all enjoyed the wine as well, especially after it sat for a time. I would definitely recommend this wine. I do look forward to my other bottles as I will get to taste even more of the wine then, rather than split it with five others.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Both Casa Toribio and Casa Rafa sound interesting and I will definitely consider them.
  9. It is their Bordeaux style wine, with 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot.
  10. Thanks M. Please email me the photos as I would like to see the winery. Only 20 cases of the 1999 Coturri Assemblage Millenaire were made so it is not a surprise that I have not seen many talking about this wine.
  11. Has anyone tasted the Coturri Assemblage Millenaire? I just picked up a few bottles of the 1999 vintage. I am a big fan of Coturri wines but have never tasted this one.
  12. It does not have to be near the Las Ventas but I thought that since I would be there that there might a worthwhile restaurant in the area. I am staying at the Palacio del Retiro so would take a taxi to Las Ventas. I will be dining at Viridiana on Sat. night. Sunday night will be my last night in Madrid before I head into wine country.
  13. I am seeking restaurant recommendations for the area near the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid for a Sunday evening. I am seeking good Spanish cuisine. It could be a great tapas bar or a high end restaurant.
  14. Has anyone eaten recently at Can Majo in Barcelona? Any recommendations as to what to order there?
  15. Here are some of my favorites: Hakushika Junmai Ginjo Horin Gekkeikan Junmai Daiginjo Yuki No Bosha limited edition Junmai Ginjo Trader Joe's Sake (Yes, it is $10 and actually a good tasting sake. It is also made in Japan)
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