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  1. We discovered Rathdowne Cellars (348 Rathdowne Street, North Carlton) on the weekend, they have a great selection of Spanish wines and Portuguese ports, and to top it all off the staff are knowledgeable, helpful and above all friendly.
  2. Vesper Lynd

    Japanese Martini Video

    Thanks I'll follow it up through that link.
  3. Vesper Lynd

    Japanese Martini Video

    johnder any idea of the name and/or location of the bar where that video was taken?
  4. That's what I'm interested in from Portugal at any rate.
  5. We just scored a bottle of Shiso flavoured Shochu from Japan. Very nice!
  6. Vesper Lynd

    Wikiality: Pina Colada

    You seem to be fighting a loosing battle as it's already been changed back.
  7. Vesper Lynd

    Campari Cocktails

    Aperol is very similar to Campari, it's a little sweeter, more fruity and far less bitter, so would probably be a good stepping stone for someone unfamiliar with the up front bitterness of Campari. It is also only 11% abv as compared to Camparis 25% abv. Apperol and grapefruit juice is a great summer drink.
  8. OK the Spanish side of things seems to have been quite well covered Any ideas on the Portuguese side. I'm specifically interested in white port.
  9. You might also try giving Matt McConnell a call at his tapas restaurant, Bar Lourinha, and find out where he sources all his Spanish wine. Tel 9663 7890. Better still call in there for some of his great food and ask in person!! ← Looks good we'll have to add that to the list of places to try
  10. Thanks some interesting leads in there I'll check them out.
  11. A good selection of Italian, but not my favorite shop, they have a rather off hand way of dealing with (potential) customers.
  12. I'm really looking for a source of Spanish and Portuguese wines, ports and liqueurs that is a little more extensive than the meager offerings at Dan's. There are after all plenty of bottle shops with a focus on French or Italian wines, for example.
  13. There's Casa Iberica, 25 Johnston St, Fitzroy and Viva Spain in North Melbourne - which I haven't got to myself yet. Don't know if they sell wine but someone else no doubt will be able to tell you. ← I'm pretty sure that they aren't licensed. Great shop none the less.
  14. Does any one know of a bottle shop or licensed grocer that has a Spanish or Portuguese focus, in Melbourne?
  15. According to the product page We usually soak a sugar cube in the elixir and serve in a tumbler with a splash of iced water, very nice.