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  1. I love what you said and how you said it...anina
  2. Does anybody know wether andy mariani of the stone fruit orchard and mark mariani of the commercial dried fruit business had a feud in the family and broke off from owning orchards together? anina
  3. I found a book called A SLICE of LIFE.. Essays from some of the top chefs and writers of the century.. Michael Dorris, CAlvin Trillin, Russel Baker.. AMarvelous
  4. I rcould not get thru miuch depends on dinner. Way too dense. A lovely book about the history of jewish immigrants and theifood businnes they had is called STUFFED: Adventures of a restaurant family.
  5. What are the most sensational restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia? I will be there in late March....anina
  6. Of course I understand. Not knowing when I will ever experience the food, I will have to trust your expert judgment
  7. ← you are so diplomatic. Are you the guy that wrote the book about the french fry?? anina
  8. Just curious if anybocy has eaten at the d.c. restaurant citronelle and what they think of it. He is coming to California for the Masters of Food and Wine so I am just curious what he does that is so goodl anina
  9. anina marcus


    I am seeing how this site works. I live in California. Tell me more about Alchemy? anina
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