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  1. kourou

    Pictorial: Ma Po Tofu

    hm recipe comes out less like my thinking for mapodoufu. I think may be a more guangdong-style of doing something hot and fiery such like sichuan mapodoufu - where it origininates! Actualy Alvis's picture looks like more what you will find in the sichuan restaurants here in China, but more red hot oil! And in Chengdu often you see much huajiao peppers crushed all over the top! VERY HOT
  2. Nice pictures of ShengJianBaos. This is breakfast at least 3 times a week with a bowl of pork HunTUn. Some of the best Shanghai foods are for the morning time! Try the regular RouTangBao on the street. Each is steamed white and fluffly with big meat ball in the center floating in soup. Delicious! Or usually it is, if you find a good shop. There are many actually all on the sides of the streets.
  3. kourou

    Your Favorite Teas

    O, and my favorite goes between one specific ShuiJinGui (WuYi Mountain again) that I have had for a while -- but only 50g left, and a really fancy TaiPingHouKui that I brought back from HuangShan in Anhui province. The leaves TaiPingHouKui are ALL 11cm long. But not all are same! These are bound with white rope , for instance It is very interesting for me seeing if special teas like WuYi Mountain Ooolongs can be purchase in USA. But good quality! My friends in the tea trade here says that no market for quality WuYi style tea outside of China yet. So he sells to teashops and tearooms the lowest quality ShuiXian or DaHongPao that Chinese wont drink!
  4. kourou

    Your Favorite Teas

    I am believe there are 700 or more WUYI oolong teas actually. I have never had this one though!