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  1. aaustin

    La Paz, Mex.

    Bumping this topic up! We're going to La Paz in 3 weeks and would love some good food suggestions! Cheap, nicer, whatever.
  2. My husband recently said that one of his out-of-state colleagues always eats here when in town visiting and asked why we hadn't ever been. Being that I grew up here, moved away and now we're back, I started explaining that Etta's was hit-or-miss, sort of a tourist place....blah, and then I stopped and realized that my experiences from 4 years ago are just that, and that maybe I was wrong. So I said, "you know, we should try it again." In light of this, can anyone share any dinner experiences? Still "just ok" or are there good things worth heading to Etta's for?
  3. Went in a group of five and tasted four pizzas. Overall we were all really happy with the pizza. My personal favorite was the cappicola, arugula with soft egg, which melts in your mouth. FANTASTIC. Other faves were the mushroom pizza with truffle cheese and the sausage pizza. But the egg was by far the best in my opinion. The biggest issue was getting a seat, and for this they won't be forgiven. We had 2 of our party get there at 6:45pm to put our name down. We were told it'd be 45 minutes at 7pm when we checked in. We didn't get seated until 8:15. It was really obnoxious. So would I stop in with one other person? Sure. I wouldn't wait 1 1/2 hours for it ever again, though. Good thing we were meeting friends from out of town and everyone was happy to drink wine at the bar at Lola.
  4. From the earlier Macrina book, I make the squash harvest loaves (makes 2) with roasted butternut squash and find the recipe amazing. It's pretty time-consuming, as you have to roast the butternut squash, toast 3 types of nuts...but it's REALLY worth it for me since I have a weakness for it. We always wrap one of the loaves in foil and then in a freezer bag and the bread comes out of the freezer nearly perfect...it's just really good stuff. You can taste the harvest loaf at macrina (obviously) but they also have it at Zeitgeist, among other places I'm sure.
  5. Oh excellent. We'll be staying at the Hotel Lusso in Spokane, so any good coffee nearby would be great. And maybe a place to meet up with our friends friday night within walking distance? we'll have cars, but....
  6. Thanks for these. I had heard of Hudsons! We'll have to try to make it by there. If your mother-in-law has any other things to suggest for us to do while visiting, we're all ears!
  7. I resisted the temptation to refer to it as Spo-Vegas, so I'm hoping that'll earn me some points with the locals I'll be in town over labor day for a wedding (spokane, that is) and am hoping to go out with a bunch of friends, so we'll need a group-friendly place.... I think we'd be happy with Mexican or a cheaper casual place, and please, no chains. But then we'll be in Coeur D'alene for a couple of nights so here's what I know: Anthony's sounds great---is it? Is the Whitehouse worth going to Post Falls? Thoughts on Brix? Porch Public House? Any others? nothing fancy, but food matters! thanks
  8. I cannot wait! We're going to oceanaire the night before (parents love it) so Le Pichet is my only chance to eat how I want to while in town for such a short visit.
  9. We'll be dining here with a group in the coming weeks (we're guests)...has anyone been recently? Is the quality good?
  10. Newbie, where did you end up going?
  11. Thanks! I did get through and made a reservation for a Sunday night. The person who answered the phone was a little hesitant at first, so I wonder if they don't take reservations for certain nights....obviously they don't need to in order to keep their seats filled on most evenings. I am so looking forward to my visit in just over a week. has anyone been recently?
  12. The reservation tip is huge! thanks. How far, in general, should one make reservations for, say, a weekday lunch? Also, just wanted to be sure, but are Kirin and the others you mentioned all cart dim sum, instead of ordering off of a menu? we think carts are more fun, but will go to Kirin because of your rec either way.
  13. I don't think it was Piper Pub, I think it was Bitter Creek (piper pub has a patio upstairs, and this place was on ground level). It was really great and a very nice beer selection.
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