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  1. Ok, i am going to take a go at this. gfron asked me to figure away to make he's idea of the apple and fillo dough concoction. I came up with an idea and am going to try it out. I plan to do what he says but iam not using fillo but rather a regular pie crust with a filling i am going to make. I plan to have a dry filling and as the apple cooks..its moisture will make a kind of syrup sealed in the pie crust. I am thinking and planning as i go with this idea. I have some experience in this, but i am no expert. I will try it out later this week. I have all the supplies already. hopefully all goes well. :cool:

  2. Yes, I must agree the class went very well (I was the sous). All the dishes prepared to me seemed to build up and correspond with the theme of Vanilla. The recipes weren't as hard to prepare and were pretty easy, all that was required was two burners, a blender, large saute pan with cover and a couple of sauce pans, and other basic things like a whisk etc. The results had an awesome taste and appearance as you can see by the pictures gfon1 posted.

    Some of dishes weren't as sweet as many may believe vanilla to be. They also like gfon1 said weren't "too vanilla" as you might expect it to be. The salmon, asparagus dish, and salad were savory and the others were mildly sweet. They intermingled with both the sweet and savory categories. The salad was without a doubt awesome with the addition of the 99% chocolate and strawberries as like gfon1 said it was the rave of those that attended. My personal favorite were the salmon, melon soup, and the dessert of caramelized pears and sweet rice of course.

  3. I though I may get my questions answered about making souffles since i just recently tryed to make one.

    A few weeks ago, I made a chocolate souffles recipe I found in a cookbook at my school and tried it out. I used the 8 oz souffle dishes. I think they come out perfect. They didn't sink until they cooled , but the where still liquidy inside. I also tryed to get the hat looking shape on top, but it didn't work. My instructor though they were possibly under cooked :blink: ( this was her first time with souffles too). The tops were cooked. It tasted fine and no one got sick off of it. Anyway, I was wondering what a cooked souffle should look like, should it by somewhat runny on the inside or cake-like ? What did I do wrong when i tried to get the hat shape ?

    Like I said this was my first attempt at it and i am just a beginner at this subject. Can anyone give me some feedback so next time i try it i'll know ? Thanks

  4. Or better yet - let her watch Ace of Cakes - give her some colored fondant and let her play in the corner.

    Wouldn't the phrase "learn from your mistakes" be included here ??????

    Sometimes it's just trial and error...right? I have heard many stories of mistakes and mishaps, but most learn what they did wrong and get better. Every person has a beginning with mistakes that make them better in the future. I know I have. :blush:

    Do you agree ?

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