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  1. piccolo's on shrewsbury st. legal seafoods is no longer here. boulevard diner also on shrewsbury st. shrewsbury st. is possibly your best bet, as it has everything from sushi to upscale and homestyle italian. el basha on corner of lake ave and rte.9 for greek, the manor in west boylston isn't bad. 86 winter,(which is actually now on water st)american comfort food, a little upscale. kathee
  2. try a search on ebay for a pot. or try pfaltzfraft(SP?) they make them in several patterns. i used my 20 year old pot from them on saturday and it still works very well. don't forget you need to soak the beans overnight in cold water and then boil with a pinch of baking soda before putting them in the pot.
  3. try General grinding out of Medford, MA. 1/781/396/1022
  4. try this for basic white flour: 6 cups white rice flour 2 cups potato starch 1 cup tapioca flour i also add 1 cup brown rice flour to the mix to give it a little more color when the item is baked.also i've found direct conversion by cup measurement in reg. wheat flour recipes doesn't work, as soon as i feel better i will be getting a scale to do weight measurements instead. you could add xanthan gum also - app. 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of flour. tried some of the flours made with bean and they definitely did not appeal to me - very strong taste! i just found out that my son and i are intolerant to wheat, also. here's some interesting links www.celiac.com www.gluten.net google wheat free, celiac spru or gluten intolerance for more. hope this helps kat
  5. the concierge should be able to tell you which line to ride on the T to get to dorchester. also check out the north end, plenty of italian restaurants and bakeries to make you happy. the aquarium and science museum are also close to there and of course Fanieul hall. plenty of other museums and theatres, your hotel should be able to give you lots of info on how to get to them.
  6. tried 86 Winter st. the other night, food was very good, prices reasonable and the atmosphere was ok, furniture just a little crowded. for never having worked in restaurants before the chef did ok, we'll see how long they last. kat
  7. dear busboy, i liked my GE gas profile so much that when i moved i bought the electric version - had to, no gas hook up available. the oven was big enough to handle just about anything - except for a commercial full sheet pan. seemed to hold temp ok and i never had any problems with the first stove or the current one. kat
  8. the only thing wrong now is, what will we have to talk about as the curse is finally broken!! yeah, sox!!! kat
  9. FYI - just found out that john piccolo is no longer going to be at anthony's, he is opening across the street in what was primo's after the first of the year. seeing it was his creativity that kept anthony's going i can only venture that they may have a decline in business w/o him. kat
  10. hmmm.......boston cream pie, which is not really a pie but a cake. and boston brown bread with new england clam chowda - none of that red clam soup, haddock nantucket style. and to the yankee fans out there, perhaps you recall the phrase - "there's always next year" kat
  11. aku-aku no longer there. it's now a pub 99. and you didn't miss much. kat
  12. anthony's on shrewsbury st - john piccolo very creative italian fare el basha - belmont st and park ave locations, lebanese food la scala - shrewsbury st. italian home style want to travel a little? 45 minutes to "the harvest" in pomfret, CT what are you looking for? price? ethnic? chain? pm me i'm right in the area kat
  13. waah. these tales so remind me of a Greek mom, dad and son team that i worked for.
  14. i'm hooked. just like a junkie. more please. give me more.
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