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  1. Ah, I forgot about the "cooking at someone else's house" issue. I just show up with my bag of tricks like it's a job interview (I bring my own towels too, they're my favorites after all).
  2. I am always angry when I need a pen outside of work. I reach up to my left shoulder and there's no pen, no sharpie, no thermometer, no anything! I curse myself for not showing up to life prepared. I'm just going to wear a jacket on my days off too. I also get wierded out making dinner at home. I'm expecting to make 50-60 of something, not 4.
  3. Small pub (25-30 seats tops)with 10 item menu (11 counting daily special) consisting of small-ish plates that changes seasonally. An old-school bartender who knows the classics and has some brewery connections. Nothing in the way of wow factor, I guess I'm kind of boring.
  4. Economy of movement, being able to accomplish many things properly with limited steps. That and having "Yes, Chef!" as your catch phrase. I also second the ability to focus.
  5. I will eat more vegetarian meals. I will make at least three meals in my new dutch oven per week (okay, maybe one, but it's just begging for it). I will find a way to get up at dawn on Thursdays to get to the farmer's market. I will learn to make basic doughs perfectly. I will teach the shoemaker next to me on the line not to burn garlic (former corporate Carrabba's my ass!). I will read more books on classical cooking. I will not work in a restaurant that seats more than 150 a turn (I want to spend quality time with my plates dammit!).
  6. Well, have you gone yet? Thoughts?
  7. halogenic


    Now you've gone and done it, I'm buying at least 3 more sets of tongs after Christmas... You guys make my line cook wallet sad.
  8. The Ravenous Pig makes me wish I hadn't left Orlando. I had a chance to eat there a month ago and loved every part of it. The chef really cares about his produce and it shows.
  9. I second the dishwasher, unless I use the sponge for something really nasty. Then it's bleach or the bin.
  10. A few of us used to bring a stash of flour torillas and make fish tacos out of the scrap when someone was portioning fish. Mmmm, sea bass tacos.
  11. I second the hummus. You can cut pita bread into bite sized bits, brush them with olive oil and sprinkle with some sea salt, then toast them in the oven. I think it's my favorite snack.
  12. halogenic

    Bone Saws

    Not a bad idea but hacksaw blades have a painted finish and this would chip off when you used it thus contaminating the meat. ← Ah, good point. Ignore what I said. My apologies.
  13. halogenic

    Bone Saws

    Why not go to the hardware store and buy a hacksaw and sterilize it? I would think it would do the same job at a fraction of the cost. As far as the teeth grain, I'd guess that a medium/fine grain should do the job without making a mess of things
  14. Man I miss Bubbalou's more than anything else about Orlando, that and Hotdog Heaven.
  15. I really hope the wine is saved for deglazing, otherwise it's off to the burn ward.
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