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  1. Mocha Glacee.

    Mocha Glacee. 1 pt high quality vanilla ice cream 3-1 ratio kaluha to brandy 1 T freshly ground coffee beans Place 1 pint softened high quality vanilla ice cream (I use Haagen Daz) 3 to 1 ratio kaluha to brandy (strength is a personal preferrence) 1-2 tblsp. freshly ground coffee beans (I use about 1 1/2 tbsp.) Blend to milkshake consistency. Test for "seasonings" Very tasty! ( RG405 )
  2. Lespinasse (Closed)

    I just spoke with the hostess at Lespinasse...they are closing after service April 19th...
  3. March

    March (405 E. 58th St) will begin serving lunch week after next...the menu will be derived from the evening menu...serving 12-2, Monday through Friday...$39 Prix fixe and a la carte available. Chef Wayne Nish will be in the kitchen.
  4. Food Allergies/Food Phobias

    Fifi...I ate mudpies in the backyard growing up many years ago...I don't think my particular case has to do with being raised "too clean"...although perhaps the current generation could fall into that category.
  5. Food Allergies/Food Phobias

    Lizziee...good to know I am not a hypochondriac as some may have inferred...I forgot about this thread...the alllergist I consulted basically told me yes...I am allergic...caviar is a luxury...so just avoid it.
  6. New Orleans Trip Report

    I was in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed an outstanding meal at Victor's in the Ritz Carlton...a beautiful room, very nice wine list...and a menu that changes daily...it was the best meal I had in the city...and it is definitely a good spot for a special occasion meal.
  7. Oneophilic Quandries

    Now I'm frightened and the word is oenophile...according to Merriam Webster there is no such word as oneophilic (nor oenophilic).
  8. Oneophilic Quandries

    I presume you have been drinking
  9. Angeleno restaurant awards 2003

    I have to worry about any list that includes Lucques and Border Grill on any list containing the word "best"
  10. Emeril's (New Orleans)

    Yes...but, it's been over a year. It is a very busy spot (a larger restaurant than New Orleans...and turns the tables more quickly). The food was okay...the service was okay. It was a step below Emeril's New Orleans, as it caters more to tourists than locals.
  11. Acompaniments for smoked meat

    Drink: Ice Cold Beer Side: Sweet Potatoes (either mashed or cubed and roasted in butter and brown sugar)
  12. Sona

    Lizziee...oh my....you have convinced me...Sona is at the top of my list for my next LA visit...hope on some visit in the future you will try the beef, marrow and crsipy pig's feet and report back...it sounds like it would be incredible!
  13. Bacon wrapped filet

    Oops..okay...strip is good...bacon is good...seperately...would that be a better guess? Is "confuselled" related to confused?
  14. Least Favorite Restaurant Distractions

    poorly behaved linoleum lizards...and open flame candles that leave imprints on my retina
  15. Bacon wrapped filet

    I'm with Jinmyo...why ruin a good piece of beef