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  1. As far as local authentic cuisine goes, you will have to journey over the bridge into Nassau. At the foot of the bridge you have some stalls which offer things like conch salad, fritters, which is good but not an actual restaurant- but authentic none the less. You also have the fish fry, but that will require a taxi ride of about 10mins. There you will have a selection of restaurants, which all offer pretty much the same food. Check out Twin Brothers....or anyone that you see that looks good to you. Expect fried fish, grouper, conch, peas and rice macaroni...beer, music....pretty good time. Also over the bridge you have something that is extremely popular with locals....its call Chicken in a bag....you can tell the taxi driver you want to go to "bamboo shack" or Berthas....they will know exactly where to go...., its the best chicken i've ever had. And if your not feeling like making the trip over the bridge...which would be a real shame...you can always go to Bimini Road in the Marina Village which serves bahamian fare. Its pretty similar because at the end of the day all the chefs there are local, so they know how to cook the local recipes, but it doesnt 'feel' the same as eating at Fish Fry or the dock... As for what Florida said above, I think you may be talking about "Hammerheads" if i am not mistaken, which is a popular hangout with some locals. Hope this helps....
  2. hey chris... Reflets is very good....i went once when they opened and again when pierre was in town to roll out the tasting menu which i thought was a great meal for the price. Both times the service and food were extremely good. It is pricey but to put it in prespective....think about how much you would pay for a tasting or ala carte in Europe, then think....hmmm 1200dhs aint bad at all!! I would say that Reflets and Ossiano are the best restaurants in town right now.....thats considering food & service! oh by the way ill be going to abu dhabi for the Charlie Trotter thing (the 11th) so i might see you there!!!
  3. Im curious about the penninsulas restaurant Felix, has anyone been? I saw it on Restaurant Magazines top 100 list a few years back...
  4. I think its also interesting that all of these restaurants are in fact very different from each other. Some are very formal and some are casual and some just have a service category all its own with a very unique style of service. The design the concepts, they are all trying to show you something different....but they all employ modern techniques which makes me wonder whether its just evolution and eventually most of the world's top restaurants will be considered modern one way or another? That aside I think it really comes down to the fact that all of these restaurants directly reflect the personal style and passion of the chef...
  5. Hey Christopher...thanks for the kind words....it was my pleasure and im glad your father enjoyed it aswell! Come back anytime....
  6. If your looking for a steak come by my place; Hunters Room & Grill in the newly opened Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi.... just let me know and Ill be sure to take care of you...would love to have an e-gulleter here for dinner. As far as powerhouse chefs....dont forget Santi Santamaria who also just opened at Atlantis...Ossiano, its a fantastic seafood restaurant, he has the best fish in town hands down! As far as chefs knives, there is a place called Deans trading just off Shiek Zayed Rd. downtown area.....they have japanese knives around 200 dhs !
  7. Agree except I wish they wouldn't slice their house made bread by machine....sliced like a loaf of white american bread. To me, the best bread in Chicago is served at L20 (also house made). ← They dont, they slice it by hand...but most of their bread are individual sized anyways....
  8. I had to pass on my comped pass too....if only i didnt live so far away! dammit Look forward to your report Doc, I have no doubt you covered it well.
  9. I guess everyone in miami needs to find a new restaurant to bash....
  10. I just came back from a stage at Alinea and I must agree with you doc....Chef Achatz is an amazing person. The intensity he puts into everything he does is truly inspiring. I learned a great deal from just watching him...... While I was at Alinea Chef Achatz changed three or four dishes, so he hasn't skipped a beat....It was really great to see that his spirit is strong and he continues to work so hard. My time at Alinea truly changed my life!
  11. That is strange because the Short Ribs are really delicious! What is it that you dont like about it? The truffle explosion was great....I accidentally squirted some out on the table, I guess I didnt close my mouth tight enough! woops!!
  12. Hi everyone, just wanted to post my wonderful meal at Alinea. Everything was perfect and service was flawless. Please forgive my poor photography! 1st Course - Surf Clam - Chilled Nasturium Soup 2nd Course - Ayu - Sesame Pudding - Watermelon - Crispy Spine/Skin - Kombu 3rd course - Sassafras - Apple 4th Course - Tomato - Plum - Rosemary - Hazelnut - Harwood smoke pillow 5th Course - Lobster - Fennel - Fennel Pollen Gel (on the pin) Floral & Orange Vapor. 6th Course - Short Rib - Guiness - Peanut Pudding - Fried Broccoli 7th Course - Hot Potato - Cold Potato - Black Truffle 8th Course - Wagyu Beef (the real deal from Japan) - Matsutake Mushrooms 9th Course - Black Truffle Explosion, lives up to its name! 10th Course - Lamb - Consome - Peas - Morrels - Yoghurt 11th Course - Raspberry Transparecy - Rosepetal chips - Powdered Yoghurt 12th Course - "Gift from the Chef" - Foie Gras - Cinnamon Puff - Apple Pate de Fruit 13th Course - Guava - Avacado & Brie Terrine - Basil Ice - Rum Sphere - Guava moose - Carbonated Guava Juice......poured table-side. 14th Course - Licorice Cake 15th Course - Chocolate - Soy Marshmellows - Passion fruit - Rice Pudding - Lemongrass Ice 16th Course - Caramel - Meyer Lemon - Cinnamon Perfume Like I, and lots of others, have said before.....Outstanding Meal.....Alinea is truly a special Place.
  13. why dont you sub the lemon juice for lemon zest and citric acid
  14. Hey just thought I would post an update about Chef Achatz..... http://leisureblogs.chicagotribune.com/the...z-is-in-th.html I am happy to see he is doing better and in the kitchen! I am going to Alinea in one week for a stage and hope he is there........and kicking ass!
  15. I like how the name OTOM is MOTO backwards, I guess thats there way of letting everyone know that it's philosophy on food will be the other way 'round.....
  16. I will be praying for your recovery, I know you will beat this thing.
  17. I just finished it a few days ago and thought it was such a great book. It had lots of laugh out loud moments and a pretty good insight to his life as a michelin starred chef. The relationships and how they all ended were very strange, especially the Gordon Ramsay incident; ie the lunch at the Fat Duck! wow... I honestly think it was one of the better memoirs I have read in a while. I did not know a whole lot about MPW, only that he was a 3 star chef and a nasty SOB.....but after reading this book I totally respect the man and can definatley see his point of view on things.
  18. How about Sketch?......its super expensive, but then again it is pierre gagnaire...........
  19. chefAZ


    A super bag is basically a filter-like bag that you can use to strain or clarify liquids by means of their natural gravity. Example: Tomato water is made by cutting up chunks of tomatoes and putting them in the bag and letting the 'water' filter through the bag over night. the result is a clear tomato flavoured water. Another great way to use it is making a flavoured liquid base freezing it and putting it into the bag to defrost slowly. the liquid will be clear and taste like your base. Does that help? Effectivley you can use a chinoise lined with cheese cloth.....
  20. Yes, you always have to hydrate methocel. As far as acidity, it depends on the acidity level of the base you are using. Normally Methocel is ok to use over a wide range of acidity.
  21. Hey Im not sure if this is the same thing, but I have always wanted to replicate the texture of a CRUNCHIE candy bar. Its made by Cadbury's.....any thoughts??
  22. I can imagine........ Hmm, I wonder if they have to send in their request and cross their fingers to get in!!
  23. Richard! good to hear that you will be eating there. I'm sure you'll have a good time....Like anne says please let us know your thoughts.
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