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  1. Just looked at the the link to flickr and have to say thats stunning food.... l'enclume has a little place in my heart and i pray they get wot they deserve this jan..... P.S comin to see you boys in november.....table for 2 please!
  2. Thanks all...... ! Eventually plumbed for whatley manor (i know i said not 2*) but could not resist, Very nice indeed , but 1 thing if you do a cheese trolley i recomend you know what the bloody hell they are, cos the waiter in question dint...!!!!!!!! Peace out
  3. Im heading home tomorrow (hopefully) to the south coast from lincolnshire, and need recomendations to eat, preferably a star (not 2*) I can change course slightly , and possably need acommadation... Any thoughts..???? PS Happy New Year.
  4. I dont know if im on the right page here but im trying to find a company / anything that will bespoke build a cheese trolley for my restaurant.... Price isnt really a problem... Any numbers or web pages would be gratefully appreciated.... Cheers
  5. Usual suspects, BLAH BLAH BLAH Here we go: L'enclume 2* Bells Diner 1* Vineyard 1 * Hambrough 1* Antonys Finaly 1 * Ducasse 2* ( bold guess i know ) And also the little chef on the A65 Nr Kirby Lonsdale Does anyone know the date ?? I heard the 20th Also isnt there normally a half yearly reveiw of the AA Right goin now im ramblin again
  6. Its gunna take summet special to sort this gaff out.... God speed WINTERINGHAM FIELDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. If colin gets the star then WHY is andy there,,,, surley andy went there to regain a star for WF and not to be just a sous chef. Its 10 years since WF gained 2* this guide,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WHY IS COLIN DOING THIS TO WINTERINGHAM?????????????????????????????
  8. So does that mean that he is the Sous or what. Cant see colin being head chef and that.....? Anyone eaten,,, do you dare pay the price for a three rosette gaff
  9. Anyone know who the new chef is ?????????? Anyone !!!
  10. RIGHT .... , would you honestly be happy in that shite. It may be Posh stuff , but it really looks CRAP
  11. Whats shit is leaving a wife ,a 3year old daughter and a 1 month old son, Now thats shit. That bloke will be missed and loved by more people than i care to think. Rest in peace my friend.
  12. Wondered if anyone can answer me something.? If for example a restaurant moves to a new location (Hibiscus) , and the chef of a restaurant moves to a new building under a new owner/backer (Micheal Wignall Devonshire Arms) is there a cut of point for michelin to move their stars. If so whats the date?
  13. Patricks right it is a shame. Colin's a nice bloke , it just sounds like he emloyed a knobhead. Whats next for WF??????????
  14. Why not try Hipping Hall Nr Kirby Longsdale. Superb food.
  15. Going next Friday for the underground menu . Am i in for a treat?????
  16. Oooooooo Go Rogan. Thats an easy one. Does anyone know who the Welsh Chefs are gonna be?
  17. Ive just been treated to dinner and an overnight stay for me birthday last tuesday night. We had Sats bespoke menu with a few of our own choices thrown in, also had the wine package. I must agree that the sommeliers selection was spot on and that his pairings matched perfectly. Highlights were the runny egg yolk and the monkfish (same as the salmon dish further above), the oysters had to much bloody chilli dressing on em and made me lips tingle.... This has been my third visit and best one yet , he whole heartedly deserves 2*
  18. I ate here last september 06, and was quite frankly one of the the best meals ive eaten in any restaurant. I was there for lunch and had the tasting menu with a fantastic wine selection. The foie gras with cherries paired with a fantastic Reisling, Mmmm i can still taste it. Sorry got carried away, i did pre enquire about the taster at lunch but they were more than happy to oblidge. Try , Try , Try.
  19. Nobodys mentioned the Crown @ Whitebrook, 20 mins from abergerveny nr monmouth.? If your in WALES do try!
  20. I find it strange that anthonys gets a BiB before a star, surely he has done enough! May i be also first to congatulate everyone at The Crown @ Whitebrook. Not at all bad for a 2AA Rosette restaurant.
  21. The guides up people, go look at the new crop
  22. Im sorry for being ignorant here but how often does the AA upgrade restaurants , considering the new guide has only just being relesed Can anyone shed any light please?
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