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  1. Hello. A friend and I are going to be in New York this weekend, staying on 31st Street around 5th Avenue. We were thinking that on Sunday afternoon, we'd like to stroll downtown to the Village, stopping in a few places for a beer and a nosh, ending up somewhere for dinner (dinner anytime is fine, but I realize from reading through here that earlier will probably be easier without reservations). If anyone can offer suggestions on nice/fun places to stop along the way (east side or west side - doesn't matter), and then possibly a couple of suggestions for dinner, it would be greatly appreciated. We like all kinds of food, casual atmosphere is preferred. Thanks in advance for any help! Esther
  2. We're going to one of these places tomorrow evening for my birthday dinner. would anyone be kind enough to weigh in on which one we should try? Thanks ever.
  3. A friend is coming in from Spokane in 2 weeks and is interested in good, fresh seafood. Has anyone here been to Hook in Georgetown? It was recommended, but I've never been there. I'd appreciate any feedback (and apologize if it's been mentioned in another thread...) Thanks. Esther
  4. Thank you all for the recommendations. We're staying at the Inn on Ferry Street and will have a car. Of course, one of our free nights is Monday, and it seems many fine dining places are closed, but I'm perusing the linked thread and I'm sure we'll come up with something. Thanks especially for the Slows recommendation. My husband is a big BBQ fan. I'll report back. Thanks again all!!
  5. I'll be in the City of Detroit in just 2 weeks and would much appreciate some recommendations for world-class food. Thanks!!
  6. Hi all. I've appreciated the advice and direction I've gotten from these forums for quite some time. We're going to Savannah this Thursday. A friend of mine has recommended Nita's on Abercorn Street and The Tea Room on East Broughton. I don't think I've seen either of those places mentioned and was wondering what anyone thought about them. Thanks so much. Esther
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