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  1. Just thought I would see what's out there? We are spending 3 days in the area and in search of great food. Thanks D
  2. We are in the area for a few nights and looking for something authentic, fun and close to the Staples Center. It could be the best bowl of Chinese noodles, great drinks or Mexican – anything really just something that shouldn’t be missed while we are in town!!! Thanks DH
  3. I was curious if anyone new why Bruno moved from his own restaurant to berardo's Restaurant and Bar as the Head Chef?? thanks DH
  4. Thank you Abra! I worked in this type of environment for 9 and a bit years, its funny how it changes a restaurant. There is a lot of pressure on the kitchen to produce a consistent quality – from within the brigade. It’s like a black mark on your resume if you were working in the restaurant when it lost a star. For instance – if you were looking for work and your existing employer just gained a star versus losing one. The cook/waiter from the gaining restaurant has a huge advantage when getting a new job. DH
  5. For all NYC Restauranters/Chefs Am I serving 1, 2, 3 star quality food? Or no star quality on this plate that is going out right now! Is that table that just sat down a Michelin guide? Why would a lone diner at 2pm book for lunch? Are they inspectors? Do NY’ers care? Do I really care? What if I lose a star? Do I get sacked? What are those FOH doing standing around ignoring that customer who booked at 2pm? Don’t they realize who it might be? So, if I lose a star – who would want to work here? Does my staff care?? If I get a Michelin star or two, will that put people off coming to the restaurant? – will they stay “Oh it’s a Michelin type restaurant and way too stuffy, let’s go somewhere else” Should I tell the guide I don’t want to be rated? Will my business increase because I just got a 1, 2, 3 rating? Should I try and get a star? How much will it cost to change what I do to get one? What if I invest all that money and get a star and then lose it? Some thoughts that should be running in and out of your head every few seconds David
  6. those little mushrooms are incredible!! first rate and generally they are on my top ten list of ultimate products DH
  7. Steve is in Bath - last I heard - spends Monday to Friday there and back to the family in Wales. Ramsay and Steve both worked for Marco at Harveys. They also worked together at Le Gavroche. DH
  8. you just have to be very focused...only work for very talented people. Laid back isn't really a quality most chef's have in London. DH
  9. Mr. Bulmer, Thank you for making yourself available and being so thorough with your answers. I'm a Chef that previously worked in Europe for about 9 years @ The Square, Le Manior etc and recently (4 years ago) have returned home to Vancouver -Canada. There have been rumors of the guide coming to North America over the last few years, can you confirm if this is true or how long it may take? Thank you David Hawksworth www.westrestaurant.com
  10. That's such an unbelievable statement - Gary Rhodes is one of the most talented/skilled British Chefs you have. David
  11. Neil, We haven't accepted reservations until today. We have been closed today for lunch and I arrived here around 9am. Up to now ( 6:00 pm )we have accepted 600 reservations and the phone is jammed - I can't even dial out - have to use a cell phone to call the butcher,fish and veg guys. There must be 100 emails for reservations also.... All we ask before you call - have the your time and date decided. Be flexible and patient. David
  12. none takenSure, if you make the black pudding yourself with plenty of aromatics, raisins, apples, and you have fresh plump scallops. Bruno used to make a parsley-garlic sauce and I think apple compote. Most of the Chefs over in the UK are fairly aggressive. Gordon is intense and doesn't hold back when you're getting a bollocking. Mix that with the work load of starting at 7AM and finishing at 1AM - it becomes a nightmare. You have to really want to be there - any notion of leaving or lack of desire and you're screwed! He has other less intense kitchens but the Royal Hospital Road 3 star is the F'ing Deal. DH
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