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  1. IMO being able to multi-task, organization, common sense and passion are very important to survive in any kitchen. Being physically and mentally fit to withstand working 12-14 hours a day too. A bit of caffeine never hurt anyone either
  2. OOh hazelnut and tumeric bread eh? that sounds like an interesting combo. No recipe here but will check back to see if anyone does.
  3. HEY! ahah i just did an little taste testing of some of valrhona chocolate on my page, the link is below on my signature. But yes Guanaja and the sorts are single origin and have every distinct flavour profiles. In all Valrhona is a very well balanced chocolate. ps; Merry Christmas everyone! http://truc604.wordpress.com/
  4. I used to love watching that show! I normally watch alot of the PBS cooking shows though, they are quite good in general. (I think i might be the only one here that does not have the food network.) Daisy does not come on anymore where I am or maybe it is and I just don't know when. I learnt alot about latin cuisine from that show.
  5. hey guys i finally got the chance to make macarons a few weeks back and finally got the time to post them. Sorry i dun know how to post pix on here but check them out on here. link below
  6. Hi everyone I got the chance to make these pdf a while ago. The recipe was from peter greweling's book, they were great and im going to experiment with some other flavours next time. Enjoy. http://truc-journeyofapatissier.blogspot.com/
  7. Truc

    Dip and drink

    Mmm french dip.... so good. When I was living in France i used to have baguette or brioche smeared with nutella and dip it in hot chocolate, sooo goood *drool*
  8. Truc

    Dip and drink

    Pardon my ignorance but what is a timtam?
  9. Truc

    Dip and drink

    How could i forget that! lol
  10. Well people this is kind of a random post but I was having breakfast today, som e warm soymilk with chinese doughnut when I started to think of some other things from other cultures that follow that dip and drink premise. Things like churros and hot chocolate or doughnuts and coffee. What are some other delicious combos?
  11. Truc

    Turkey Stock/Broth

    Turkey Congee!!! the flavours from the turkey make the congee uber flavourful, i actually look forward to this more than the turkey dinner itself
  12. has anyone tried the foir gras macaron at pierre herme?
  13. Hi everyone, I was trying to make some chocolate plaques/cut outs from tempered chocolate and acetate to get t hat really shiny underside. However when it came out, it was only bits and pieces that were shiny and the rest dull. Could it be my temper? it came off the acetate easily enough. OR could it be the acetate? I was using and overhead projector type acetate and also the acetate you use to line cake rings, both with the same result.
  14. What do you all use for birthday/celebration plates besides the chocolate writing on plates (which im trying to stay away from ).
  15. Oh yeah i remember getting this yogurt on my way to school one day. It was lemon flavour and it was VERY good. Is it available anywhere or just at the gourmet stores? I guess I will have to keep my eyes open the next time I go grocery shopping.
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