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  1. I asked this same question last year, though I really, *really* appreciate your attitude. Myself? I'm unapologetically anti-kid. Don't want 'em, don't need 'em, *certainly* don't want to hear them or be around them when they're bored/tired/misbehaving/squealing/yelling/crying/existing. That being said, my impression of The Gathering was that it's an Adults Only thing, but I was told that my impression was incorrect, that kids were welcome. This caused me to withdraw from The Gathering, as the risk is just not worth it to me...I'm there, I've booked the hotel, I've paid for the events sched
  2. Akin to Lou Malnati's would be Gino's East, my personal favorite of the city, but only by a *slight* margin over Lou's. Lou's would win for overall experience (atmosphere, fuller menu, etc.), but Gino's East would have the *slightest* edge over Lou's pizza, methinks. This, however, is based on the original location on Superior, and not the "new" location which took over the old Planet Hollywood, which I haven't experienced yet. It's strange...you wouldn't think that a simple venue change would affect the end product, but sometimes it can, and I don't want to espouse the ex-PH location produ
  3. I *love* visiting ballparks in other cities, and even I think that, in the context of The Gathering, this wouldn't be a good fit.
  4. Wow...Israeli cuisine? That's certainly intriguing to me. I live in the most densely populated Arabic area outside of the Middle East itself, but there's no Israeli restaurant here, even if there are plenty of kosher joints. I wonder if they make a good fig pie...I haven't had it since I was in Australia in '99. Sounds neat!
  5. Thank you. I ask because that recipe sounds wonderful, and perhaps should be made around these parts.
  6. Kerry, how many will that recipe feed (a.k.a. "What's the yield?")?
  7. I'm totally there! But please let them know to take root beer floats off the menu before I arrive, or I may have to arrange a boycott. "Thou shalt not taint root beer with foreign objects (other than ice and straws)" is in the eG code of ethics, and we all know how rule-governed I am! Coke floats are a-ok, as are cherry coke floats, so they can still do the float thing, just not with my beloved root beer. Do they make their own root beer, by the way? And are there any locally brewed root beers that I'll need to seek out? So, ice cream is verboten, but somehow diluting a root beer with *i
  8. So, you'd loathe something before you've even tried it? I wouldn't give it such short shrift. Philadelphia, in addition to its sandwich, cheese steak, water ice, gelato, coffee, soft-pretzel and annoying baseball team reputation, also hosts some excellent Spanish food from a highly acclaimed chef, if I've heard right...Amanda Restaurant. It's the cheese, man. I...I hate most cultured dairy products. I love, love, love ice cream and milk, but once you start culturing the stuff, my stomach turns. It's an almost universal, across-the-board thing with me, but pizza is the exception. And yes:
  9. Well, actually, you're kind of making my point for me. No insult intended to any of the above metropolises, but you say to-may-to... Come on...you mean to tell me *in all honesty* that you're not a bit intrigued by them? Shoot, I'm intrigued by Des Moines and I stinking *hate* Iowa.
  10. Philly would be cool, and IIRC, I can get some relatively cheap (at least currently) airfare from Detroit or Lansing to Philly. I couldn't care less about cheesesteaks (again, it's the complete ruining of perfectly good steak...what'd that poor steak ever do to you to deserve such foul treatment? ), and I, too, am in the "meh" category about the Amish thing. That being said, several of Katie's "off the top of her head" ideas were pretty compelling. I cherish truly good sandwiches, and would love to give the Philadelphians a crack at the trophy. The cocktail crawl, the Franklin Fountain, a
  11. First place that comes to mind would be Forest Grill in Birmingham, which seems like it would meet your requirements handily (though I can't vouch for how "east" it is...everything's relative). If there's a time crunch, I'd call them sooner rather than later, especially if it's going to be for a weekend night.
  12. I appreciate the kick in the pants, Nancy, as I'd forgotten to get back to you. You can remove me and my +1 from all the lists, thanks. Donna and I will not be in attendance. Hope you folks enjoy it, though!
  13. I'll talk to Donna about it this week, and I'll get back to you. Thanks.
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