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  1. For us this is a holiday/special dinner dish. It graced our Christmas dinner table.
  2. For my Sweetie and I tube steaks only mean hot dogs. I consider hot dogs snacks food; Polish, bratwurst, etc. are meal foods. Typing this has inspired me to make brats and potato pancakes for dinner tonight. The one exception to hot dogs for meals is beanie-wienee, cooked to have with our grandchildren, 3 and 7. It's cut up hot dogs in Ranch Style brand beans, with shredded sharp cheddar and sour cream as optional toppings.
  3. Sent along to my best friend. He asked if they were gluten free napkins.
  4. Santa brought me 3 Classic series Wusthoff knives: the 8" chef's, a maybe 3.5" paring, and a bread slicer. The chef's knife feels way,way better in my hand than my 8" Henkel International. I'm mostly a 10" chef's knife guy, but sometimes the 8" better fits what I'm cutting/slicing up. I keep two 10" CKs in my knife block, one strictly for veggie prep that gets hand-washed, and the other is for use on proteins and, like most of my knives, goes into the dishwasher. That knife is 39 years old and still going strong.
  5. Not a gadget per se but the many discussions about knives in conjunction with getting my Edge Pro years ago spurred be into a related hobby, finding good knives that had been thrashed at thrift stores and bringing them back to life. Several are in both my and my Sweetie's knife blocks, and more in my knife roll for traveling. My Sweetie and I are visiting my brother who became a widower very recently and putting many, many meals in his freezer. I grabbed my heavy-duty Chicago Cutlery 8" chef's knife today for Veggie prep.
  6. I will miss Tim. Thank you for the link.
  7. Edge Pro,, thank you Chad Ward Anova circulator Thermapen Charles Viancin Silicone lids I'm sure there's more but I'm away from home for a few days. For others who are hearing- compromised I highly recommend Thermoworks Big and Loud Timer. No IP here. My younger daughter loves hers. We talked and she doesn't see it to be a good fit for my kitchen. And a special thanks to @Toliver for the bargain books thread. I've converted to ebooks, so much easier to handle than dead tree books for this old arthritic guy.
  8. Pardon my envy. What a wonderful view to enjoy that sip by.
  9. I'm curious how many of my fellow egulleters order spirits neat. I've noticed the need to explain what neat is in response to puzzled looks from people who serve alcohol as part of their livelihood.
  10. Beef prices here in southern California have gone up similarly. I'm buying less beef. I did spring for a 9 lb choice prime rib roast for Christmas dinner.
  11. Porthos

    Your Pantry

    I suspect that your "oldsters" lived through part of the depression and/or WW2. My mother was a young mother during the depression and that fear of running out of food never left her. In her later years she had turned a hall closet into her pantry. Just before she turned 90 she moved from California (she'd lived in CA all her life) to North Carolina to be near her first-born. As a widow she only cooked for herself. When my sweetie and I cleaned out the pantry for her we found so many canned goods that it boggled our minds. As an example there were maybe 15+ cans of fruit cocktail.. Stuff that hadn't expired was packed up for some friends who could use the extra food. We threw some stuff in her trash barrel but knowing she wasn't going to be happy about that we lugged most of the no-longer-consumable stuff home and threw it away there. We're driving over to Arizona tomorrow, and on Tuesday we will be making our choices for the kitchen cabinets. One of the things that helped sell us on this house was the walk-in pantry. There is plenty of cabinet space in the kitchen but for us old arthritic types the pantry shelving will help us with access to canned and dry goods more easily. Oh - and the freezer and spare fridge will be right out of the door into the garage. We're only two, but we tend to buy in bulk, but only things that we do use.
  12. Porthos

    US Thanksgiving 2021

    We (mostly me) both prep and cook some things in advance. Today I cut up the bread for dressing to start drying it out. On Wednesday my Sweetie will make the pie and I'll make the green bean et al casserole and the cranberry-orange relish (and that will get the food processor off of the peninsula). I'll make the brine and put the turkey in it. The olives went into the fridge when I brought them home.
  13. Porthos

    US Thanksgiving 2021

    Amen. We have a large peninsula in our kitchen and I began rearranging some things on it in anticipation of Thursday.
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