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  1. is there a better restaurant than Band B at the Venetian for upscale italian,?
  2. I just returned from a quick trip to Las Vegas and I didn't hear anything about Savoy closing. But I would add that the economic downturn has and continues to hit all of the restaurants very hard. I don't think we're anywhere near the end of the cycle and we'll probably be hearing news of more restaurant closings in Las Vegas in the future. I'll be reporting on some incredible menu pricing specials that I found at the Wynn and Encore while I was in town. ← david what do you think of B&B restaurante is it Babbo standard
  3. gagit

    Mr. Yum

    I wish I could agree with this (well the part about the food anyway - not sure I even understand the rest). It's an adorable little place, with minimalist modern furniture and polished concrete floors, and I'm thrilled to see something like this going into a neighborhood like Calle Ocho. And the owner has one of the most awe-inspiring hairdos I've ever seen. But I went by to try the sushi and was decidedly underwhelmed. I'm not big on silly rolls, but that seemed to be the focus of the sushi menu, so I tried a "salmon yuzu" roll (advertised as having salmon, yuzu, spicy mayo and cilantro) and a sashimi sampler. The roll had no discernable flavors of yuzu, spice or cilantro, and indeed barely tasted of salmon. The dominant taste was of cold, gummy rice. The sashimi sampler was a fairly generous serving of 3 slices each of tuna, more salmon (when you know I'm having a salmon roll, why not substitute something else?), and whitefish, for about $13, but the fish was again overly cold to the point of not being able to taste much of anything - and it was commodity-quality sushi anyway. The rest of the menu was pretty much a "greatest hits" of various Japanese appetizers and typical Thai items. Maybe they're better than the sushi, but there was certainly nothing that struck me as particularly bold (again, other than the owner's hair). ← You should have had the Sushi/shashimi sampler with the Tempura both vegetable and shrimp all for $10.95, the tempura was cooked to a level that I thought it was Morimoto who made it, if he had Bond's hair you would not have not known the difference.lol
  4. gagit

    Mr. Yum

    Hooray, Goodbye to the Celebrity Chefs whose reputation is attractive only to customers who only appreciate the name of the place : Michy's. Table 8 and 8oz, and Pacific Time. Mr. Yum,and the young superstar chef owner Bond,takes Thai and Japanese to a new level with tastes that Michelle, Govind, and Jonathan could not comprehend. A $9.95 lunch that cannot be beat along with Calle Ocho Tuna and Soft Shell Crabs as appetizers all tasty treats that the Celebrity Chefs in Miami would not dare attempt to serve with flavors Bond creates.It is time to stop talking about being seen and talk about the food, here Mr. Yum in Calle Ocho excels.
  5. Going to st johns for dinner this week, whay should i order beside the bone marrow?
  6. Tooting if you can get there (Kastoori, Lahore Karahi, Mirch Masala)! Although East End/Southall may be easier for you to get to. ← been to southhall anything in london proper.
  7. I am in London for a day. I would like to have authentic Indian without being ripped-off please can i get your suggestions.
  8. I am Argentine, I would not dream of going to Cabana Las Lilas. It is definitely touristy and ridiculously overpriced. I think they charge over 20 pesos for a chorizo, which is unheard of. You can get good meat in Buenos Aires at many places, no need to go there. To add to everyone's list I recommend 2 places. "El Pobre Luis" in Belgrano, a great Uruguayan parrilla decorated with soccer jerseys. And my favorite is "Las Talas del Entrerriano", a very different type of parrilla. It is difficult to get to, out of the way in a sketchy part of the suburbs, kind of dirty and with 0 ambiance. But the meat is absolutely amazing, try the "lechon" if you go. Very cheap and no tourists. ← argentinadave . I will be in BA on March 3 and free to go with you as my guest along with a gourmet friend of mine to Las Tales,let me know if this is good for you and we can make plans. You can email me directly ar ergagit@mac.com
  9. ...? Well, Im another Argentine... and I lived in Manhattan and was a regular at Peter Luger. I find their Porterhouse to be outstanding. Cabana Las Lilas is not a true Argentine experience..... in Argentina, the concept of Steakhouse is just plain foreign... we can eat steak at every coffeshop if we want to. Also, its plain not true lthat at all the "normal" parrillas you cannot get your steak raw.... dont mean to hit on you, but its clearly a case of you not being able to communicate in Spanish. If you want it raw, you must say "casi crudo, apenas vuelta y vuelta". If they do not bring it like you order it, then just send it back. I assure you that when I want my meat to be alive, I order it that way and thats how I get it. Also... my rant with Cabana is not only that its not authentic, but that its also grossly inconsistent. If you go during peak hours you will have to wait, and service will suffer.... steak getting cold while you wait it not unheard of. Their wine list is as thick as a telephone book, yet when you get into detail the vintages they offer are usually not available. Also, price for wine at this place is also highway robbery. To end my post.... I urge those of you that love your meat rare to go to La Brigada in San Telmo... order the Baby Beef and you will be in heaven. Hugo and his team serve it alive and pretty much kicking. Even if you are not into bloody beef I would suggest you visit La Brigada. ← Order the Alamos Malbec 2005 and do not get robbed and enjoy the atmosphere, the steak is not for me anyway, I prefer the Paku at Jangada if I want to eat meat, of the fish ,of course.
  10. Gagit, how do you know there's no better steak than Cabaña Las Lilas, particularly when you haven't been to other places, and moreover when you say you don't really like the meat in Buenos Aires? Both locals and visitors have already stated that Cabaña Las Lilas is an overpriced tourist trap, and have offered alternatives. Wouldn't you think it'd be better to try a few of those before coming up with such broad generalization? ← Silly <I have eaten in other steak restaurants including Rosa Negra , that many locals told me was the best steak, where only locals go and has been reviewed on my website .I have even eaten in other so call local steak houses that were not worthy of comment. Howver, i also invite you to join Argentinadave to his favorite local steak place and then we can agree to disagree, and I do like steak but have not found one I can say I like in BA but am openminded to try more.
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