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  1. Frank is an eloquent person. I wish he still edited the Wednesday section. I do not feel the same but I see his point. Today I ate sand dabs in a restaurant in Los Gatos because they taste so....California. I don't eat them in Connecticut where I live but at 72 I want to taste local food in a variety of locales, drink with locals and generally keep turning new corners. www.findingfantasticfood.com
  2. https://foodschmooze.org/recipe/roy-ips-vinegar-chicken-2/ Some of you talked about vinegar chicken. This is the best!
  3. You are talking about pastilla de natas. Portugese custard tarts. There are many recipes on the web.
  4. I offer to swap one of my favorites when i encounter this. And it works maybe 60% of the time. Most recipes can be recreated by looking at a dozen recipes on the web then trying a synthesis.
  5. Definitely file' powder (sassafrass leaves ground into powder) for gumbo, a bottled Roux so you don't have make it (from scratch) a box of cafe dumond beignet mix. Just walk through the French market in BR.. You will find numerous treats. Bon Temps!
  6. You bet! It was mid-80's, and I was a young professor flying from Hartford to San Jose. I was upgraded to 1st. class because flight was overbooked (Imagine!). On the second leg from Chicago I was served crawfish etouffe and a bottle of Chateau Montelena Chardonnay. Since no one nearby was interested in wine, attendant left me the bottle! It was the best crawfish I ever had to this day! It paired so nicely with the wine...
  7. I think young cooks should have, even in the computer age, a blank notebook where they can record grandparents' and other recipes that they love. I wish I had been given one!
  8. My dad was stationed in the Philippines during WWII. They got various rations; ice cream was dropped in large foil-covered packages from aircraft a few times per month. He always swapped his ice cream rations for beer rations, and didn't even like beer very much. He hated ice cream.
  9. How about crudités with really good carrots, etc. and home made ranch dressing?
  10. Deryn- Thank you so much! The food timeline is fascinating, and so are the other references. You rock! You are quire correct; the majority of references and evidence are in places like the references in old cookbooks, but even 1950's Gourmet mags have notes about it. I really appreciate your help!
  11. American Cuisine is what Americans eat and cook. Usually it follows some tradition. E.G in New England, Johnny cakes, clam chowder, ramps in the spring, apple brown betty-American foods all!
  12. I am researching literature about food, American cookbooks in the 18th through 21st. centuries, and related topics. I have found evidence that since the earliest writing about food and cooking, Americans have displayed a sometimes blatant, sometimes veiled apology about their cuisine, as compared to their European counterparts. Please send me any references or ideas that support or refute this claim. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!
  13. Charentais are mighty good-among my favorites, along with juan canary, santa claus and miniature musks. I wouldn't know where to buy them here in CT., but I have no trouble growing them. Just throw the seeds in and feed regularly. Your garden should be fairly animal-proof, some of mine usually go to rabbits and woodchucks, but the ones left are tasty. Seeds at: seedsavers.com
  14. The author got my state (CT.) right, Naftal. Pepe's is the best because of their tomato-free clam pie. But as he suggests, there are an awful lot of close runner-ups, all one one small street near Yale univ. Before they opened a branch in my neighborhood, I would occasionally drive 40 miles for a Pepe's!
  15. How does the upcoming season look for Maine shrimp this year? Isn't it about time for the little guys?
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