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  1. Dont see what the excitement is all about, only the original (dubbed in English) was worth watching. Any of the chefs were worthy on any given day although Besh and Symon were perhaps more worthy. What would be worth watching would be having the judges and Alton Brown go through the ordeal and have the chefs give them the business.
  2. I think Carbon steel is better even if you have to maintain them, they also make better crust.
  3. I went there on the 3rd of march (last week). After walking along St Pau from Ramblas through a sketchy neighbourhood, I arrived at the street (Flores) and thought for a moment that I was in the wrong place. Walking up to the exact address cleared things up, the facade looked alot better than all of its neighbours. Inside it was like a different world, very nice very fancy. The staff was very professional and friendly. The waiter spoke excellent english (though we could have gotten by in spanish) and explained what items on the menu were in season locally. THere were 3 of us and we had the following starters Chipirones (small squid) with favas, Tagliatelle with mushrooms and truffles, and artichokes with mushrooms all were excellent. I had the cabrito (roast leg of kid) which was perfectly done and in an excellent sauce. My party also had the monkfish which was excellent and the steak which was good but not dryaged steakhouse good. Desert was fantastic I had a chocolate sabayon mixture in eggshells, the others had the souffle which was more like a molten chocolate cake and the Brownie. I am sorry I couldnt be more descriptive but I enjoyed this restaurant, it is expensive but the food is impeccable in quality and preparation as was the service.
  4. try kanal kaffeen in K havn for lunch
  5. salt and pepper cook it rare to medium rare then top with: after the flip put some gorgonzola or blue cheese of choice chimichurri sauce
  6. roast chicken, roast pork, any meat with potatoes and onions. best results are with a ceramic or cast iron vessel
  7. I concur with the kyocera recom just go slow at first because that puppy is sharp.
  8. Is there really a point in going unless its in Harlem?
  9. ckruse

    Pomegranate Molasses

    I am assuming that it is the same as pomegramate syrup, I use it to make bean (egyptian fava or pinto bean) salad along with lemon, garlic, cumin onions, peppers and olive oil. It also makes a great drink with soda water, vodka, lemon juice and simple syrup.
  10. Got those, too---sweet or salty/sour? ← bit of both
  11. I will be having some tourtiere tommorow. We always topped our with a relish made out of pickled green tomatoes.
  12. My Danish Dad used to flatten it out and roll it aroud a a cylinder of nougat and then coat it in semi sweet chocolate. Making a Mazarin is also a possibility (kindof a butter tart shell filled with marzipan and then topped with chocolate.
  13. That whole turnstyle cattle ramp atmosphere was depressing. I did like the Ben's special drink.
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