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  1. Yes I do. The fact that Golden rum is usually associated with such imagery is exactly the point I think. I spend a lot of time talking to barmen here in the UK about drinks and latest trends (particularly in London) and there is a definite growing interest in golden rums (and the rum sector generally) as younger drinkers move on from white rum which they may have first been drinking in cocktails i.e. mojitos into more interesting areas of the sector. I think currently there is certainly room to move around in terms of rum brand imagery as long as the liquid itself is of a good quality. I think it would be really interesting to see how a golden rum with such an image would be reacted to. I don't think the bottle has to necessarily be really contemporary (such as Elements Eight) but just to have a more neutral/premium/less old fashioned appearance. Any suggestions on what this could be?
  2. Hi everyone I posted a message on the rum forum just before Christmas before it became part of the 'Spirits and cocktails' forum but unfortunately I didn't have a chance to see all the replies before it was deleted as the topic was still live. So if it's okay I'd like to pick people's brains and see what you think. I'm interested in importing a good quality rum into the UK that has some contemporary values (i.e. a more modern/alternative looking bottle compared to most rums we see). Ideas that were bashing around included rums like Clement Rum and Elements Eight which are both good examples but are currently available in the UK. Can anyone think of any others that might fit the bill? Look forward to hearing any ideas you may have. Thanks Phil.
  3. Well what I'm ideally looking for is a golden rum with a contemporary image to import into the UK (i.e. therefore no one else is currently importing/distributing it here). I apologise for my vagueness which, despite this, has resulted in two good suggestions: Neisson and Bambu. The two suggestions have both been good in there own ways but not quite what I was thinking - Bambu has the contemporary image whereas Neisson offers a good quality golden rum. Can anyone think of a rum that might tick all the boxes? A good quality golden rum with some contemporary values/design that is not currently imported in the UK? Thanks in advance
  4. Try Elements 8 rum. They have a 4 year old white rum and a 6 year old gold rum. Both are distilled and blended in St Lucia. And the bottle definately has a contemporary image. http://www.e8rum.com/ ← Thanks. Definitely the sort of thing I'm looking for. Ideally I'm looking for something that is not yet distributed in the UK at the moment. Can you (or anyone else!) think of anything? I guess maybe someone in the States might have seen something that fits the bill - any contemporary premium rums they can think of, then I can check myself it's distribution over here. Cheers
  5. I'm keen to find a rum that has a contemporary premium image - for a cocktail bar. The only one I can find at the moment is Clement rum from Martinique which has exactly the right sort of contemporary premium style I'm looking for (although the bottle reminds me a bit too much of Grey Goose), it tastes good but it is now becoming a bit common in other bars in my area. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know this is quite a subjective thing but any suggestions at all are really welcome even if they don't have good distribution. Thanks
  6. Yes, I know that they are planning on launching a new Havana Club Anejo Especial. It is a slightly darker colour than the current version because it is made from a higher percentage of older rums (slightly more 5 year olds than 3 I suppose) which is what gives it it's slightly darker colour. I've managed to get a bottle of it already and it does clearly have a darker colour when placed alongside a current Anejo Especial bottle. I suspect the thinking behind this is to give it a more premium brand image. Hope this clears things up for you?
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