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  1. For three weeks ripe tomatoes have disappeared from my garden just before I wanted to pick them.


    I blamed squirrels and wondered how they carried them.


    Well, I caught Henry in the act.  Its taken him 6 years to get a taste for tomatoes.  He eats them in a few bites, leaving a few seeds on the patio.


    The turd.

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  2. On 8/10/2022 at 3:13 PM, Kim Shook said:

    Jessica wanted to try growing romaine from the cut off ends.  We are decidedly NOT a farming family (my Italian grandmother only grew azaleas and my farm grandparents only grew calves and a neglected apple/pear orchard), but they are doing well:


    She wants to transfer them outside to a planter, but everything I read says just let them get some leaves and then harvest - that trying to grow whole heads almost never works.  



    They'll need lots of roots first.


  3. 1 hour ago, weinoo said:


    It's not so much that we don't use recipes; it's that we don't write shit down so we have it for next time, if something comes out particularly great!

    I hate to put every "recipe" i cook in my black spiral bound book.


    But a big post-it with a note or two isn't such a commitment. If the dish sucks it can disappear. If it doesn't it gets stuck in the book for future repetition and  perhaps eventual inclusion in the Book.

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  4. 1 hour ago, rotuts said:

    in @gfweb interesting reference 


    "" The FDA considers some products “potentially hazardous foods” if they have characteristics that allow microbes to flourish, such as moisture and an abundance of nutrients that feed microbes. These foods include chicken, milk, and sliced tomatoes ""


    is there something unique to tomatoes vs other cut fruit // veg 


    that gets them on this list ?


    or is it simply there are more sliced tomatoes around


    than other fruit and veg ?



    M y completely unscientific memory can't recall a tomato recall.  Lots of spinach and romaine t hough.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Shelby said:

    This looks so good.  The meatloaf is all Italian sausage?  I would like that.....rough recipe please?  Also the squash...roasted with cheese on top?

    About  1:1 sausage to beef. Maybe a bit more beef. Egg, milk, breadcrumbs, worcestershire,garlic powder, onions.


    This was sweet sausage. I think hot would be better.  And maybe I'd add paprika to redden up the loaf a little.


    Squash was roasted with cheddar and parm.

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  6. 5 hours ago, weinoo said:



    He convinced me it was the proper thing to do as well...except I never have!  I don't deal well with authority!!


    So raise your fist in rebellion and get a black one.

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  7. 10 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    Of not salting?  Hellmann's.



    Sounds like a salad



  8. 26 minutes ago, dans said:

    I usually make Potatoes Au Gratin for family events but Cook's Country had a recipe for Lighthouse Inn Potatoes that looked interesting and easier to make.  I've made it several times not but found them a little bland.  I'd like to add a little more flavor to them. I was thinking about adding shallots, or maybe thyme.


    Have you made them?  What did you think?


    Do you have any suggestions for adding flavor to them?




    I haven't tried the recipe, but, for me the beauty of PAG is it is simply potatoes, cream, salt and a little garlic.  Additions (esp cheese) weaken it.


    I know that this is a minority position.

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