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  1. d'Artagnan makes the Meat King look cheap https://themeatking.com/products/goose-frozen-sale-5-99lb And I see that Whole Foods advertises goose, but no price
  2. Its like $160 for a goose at D'artagnan, which isn't a cheap place, but still.
  3. gfweb

    Dinner 2019

    Perhaps you didn’t use “good” olive oil... but seriously, she adds panko and no milk. This is not a panade. And why panko , whose main characteristic is spiky fragments that brown well? The value of panko is on the surface of a piece of meat, not inside it. I think the lack of a true panade is why it was dense.
  4. gfweb

    Food recalls

    Why would you buy lobster in brine?
  5. Tough one. I love both. BSO has larger oven...air fry...fruit drier...longer bake times...programmability CSO is a better toaster and has steam which it the big thing. Great for reheating, tomato peeling etc etc.
  6. I made it with Hellman’s and thought it benefitted from a little sugar. Rounded it out.
  7. Thanks, but this is one of the links that blocks me from seeing the recipe.
  8. Thing is, fries are solid and have no nooks to hold oil, and they are wet, so oil is repelled. But tots are like formed, half-cooked hash browns, lots of nooks and much of the water already cooked off. How does one properly fry a tot?
  9. I went out and bought buttermilk. I'm home and can find coy references to some ingredients, but I can't find the actual recipe on eG. There are links that go to places that I don't have permission to view which does me no good. I'm asking nicely.
  10. Better have a many hour layover if you plan to leave EWR
  11. Tater tots fall into two groups, the oven baked beauties and the grease-bombs that are deep fried. These look like the latter. Lazy cook.
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